Installation Date:

Summer 2018




Air Source Heat Pump


Mitsubishi Ecodan

Property Type:

Domestic Barge

At Hero Renewables we love a challenge, so when a customer asked us to look at renewable options for a wide beam houseboat.

Mr and Mrs Shillito were looking for a greener alternative to a Diesel or Oil heating system for their houseboat that they were refitting. The system had to provide enough heating and hot water for their boat and their family, so a reliable system and correct design was a must.

Our design team worked hard and alongside Mrs Shillito as she refitted her houseboat so when the time came, we could smoothly install the award winning Mitsubishi Ecodan, causing minimal disruption to her family.

I'd definetly reccommend.

Mrs Shillito | London ( Google Reviews )
We have just had Hero install an air source heat pump on our full time liveaboard houseboat in London. Both we and Hero put in a lot of ground work in preparation for this job; living on a houseboat you always want to maximise space. When the lads arrived, the install went extremely smoothly, they were great company for the few days with us, polite and efficient, I'd definetly reccommend.

Hero Renewables are proud to be one of the first renewable energy companies to successfully install an Air Source Heat Pump on a boat! If you have a project that requires a truly unique solution, give Hero Renewables a call on 0808 222 0 111.