Installation Date:

March 2019


Shrewsbury, Shropshire


Solar PV and Battery Storage


JA Solar and Tesla Powerwall 2

Property Type:

Commercial, Retrofit

Mr Whitthall was looking to make his farm in Shrewsbury more sustainable by using the sun’s energy to power the land. He got into contact with Hero Renewables in the winter of 2018 and ask our team to visit the property and speak to him face to face to discuss the options available.

After speaking to Mr Whitthall on the phone and getting some details about the property, we were then able to assign him a dedicated project manager who went to visit the property in the new year. He went to undergo calculations, measurements and talk to Mr Whitthall about what renewable system would be most suitable for his farm.

Our team put together an in-depth quote for Mr Whitthall which included a 19.80kW Solar PV system and Two Tesla Powerwall 2 with an online monitoring system.  It was predicated that if we installed the solar PV system it would generate an estimate of 17,404kWh per annum. Mr Whitthall decided to go ahead with the project and the work was undertaken in March 2019.

The PV system our team installed comprised of 72No. of 275W JA Solar Poly Cypress solar panels situated on the shed’s roof. The array of panels were connected to an inverter. The inverter was required as it converts DC electric from the solar panels to the AC current needed to connect to the existing electricity meter and will begin generating each day as soon as light levels are sufficient. Mr Whitthall’s project manager believed that 2 Solis 10kW three-phase immersion controllers would be needed to fulfil the amount of energy converted.

The energy meter we supplied will record the kWh generated, meaning the owners can see when the system is active and how it compares to payback projection that we gave them in their initial quotation.

Our engineers installed and commissioned the Solar PV and Battery Storage systems on the 19th March 2019, and it has now been generating electricity for their own use during daylight hours for over a year now and the energy that has not been used will be export energy back to the national grid or stored in his battery systems for a later usage.

Are you looking to generate your own electricity all year round with solar photovoltaic panels and store any excess energy then sell it back to the grid?

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