Installation Date:

Autumn 2019


Holyhead, North Wales


Solar PV and Battery Storage


300W Mono Percium and Victron Battery

Property Type:

Domestic, Retrofit

Living in a 3-bedroom home in a small town, Llantrisant in the North of Wales, Mrs Wilkie was looking to reduce her electricity bills and become more energy independent. These were just some of the requests she asked for when she made her enquiry with Hero Renewables

After completing a free full site survey on Mrs Wilkie ‘s home, we found that she had the capacity to have a Solar PV and Battery Storage system which compromised of 26, 300W Mono Percium, all black solar panels that were situated on the barns roof with a Victron Battery.

Once we installed, tested and commissioned Mr Wilkie’s Solar PV system, she was on her way to generating clean electricity for her home uses throughout the day, with the excess energy being stored in her battery system. Mrs Wilkie could now claim on the Smart-Export-Guarantee depending on the energy company she is with.

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