Installation Date:

August 2018


Matlock, Derbyshire


Air Source Heat Pump and Solar PV


Mitsubishi Electric and JA Solar

Property Type:

Domestic, New-Build

Living in Matlock, South of the Peak District, Mrs Walker was using gas to heat her home. She was then looking to transition to renewable energy, plus using the sun’s energy to power her electricity.

After a survey was undertook on the property, our team assessed that a roof-mounted Solar PV system paired with an outdoor air source heat pump unit was perfect for Mrs Walker’s 3-bedroom terraced home, as her south facing roof meant she could harvest as much sun light as possible to generate energy for her home all year round. At the same time, Mrs Walker’s heat pump would provide her with affordable, sustainable comfort. Once we provided Mr’s Walker with an initial quotation, she agreed for the project to go forward.

Our engineers installed 12 JA Solar 275W All Black Mono solar panels situated on the property in mid-August of 2018. The array of panels were connected to an inverter. The inverter converts DC electric from the solar panels to the AC current required to connect to her existing electricity meter, enabling Mrs Walker to now generate energy each day as soon as light levels are sufficient.

To make Mrs Walker’s life easier, we supplied her with an energy meter to help record the kWh generated, allowing her to see when the system is active and how it compares to the payback projection we created for her.

The following day, our engineers installed an 8.5kW Mitsubishi Ecodan single phase air source heat pump with a 210-Litre hot water cylinder, which would provide enough hot water for four people every day, all year round.

Not only will Mrs Walker’s heat pump save her money on her monthly utility bills and help the environment, it will also yield a unique return of investment unlike any other. For investing in an Air Source Heat Pump, she will be able to claim Renewable Heat Incentive payments for 7 years, due to the system being installed in a domestic property.

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