Installation Date:

Spring 2021


Holt, Norwich


Air Source Heat Pump with Solar PV


Mitsubishi Ecodan & JA Solar

Heat Emitter:

Radiators & Underfloor Heating

Property Type:

Detached House

Project Type:

Domestic, Retrofit

Mrs Sarrut found Hero Renewables through a Goolge Search when she was looking for a company who could replace her existing old conventional heating system with a more environmental way of heating her home.

Living in a large detached property near Holt, Norwich, Mrs Sarrut wanted to remove her old boiler with a system that could not only heat her home and hot water but would also benefit the environment. Our team spoke with Mrs Sarrut about her property and the project, where she was then assigned a dedicated renewable expert who went to visit the property to under a site survey.

The property has two floors with 7 rooms and 2 bathrooms, therefore her renewable expert wanted to ensure that we installed a system big enough to provide enough heat all year round for each room in the property when needed, whilst also installing a hot water cylinder big enough for Mrs Sarrut and her family.

Our team calculated that a single phase air source heat pump paired with a solar pv system would be perfect for the property. Mrs Sarrut agreed and then our team got to work on the technical design and put the plans in work to ensure that the project was installed in March to meet the customers request.

In March 2021, our engineers Charlie and Danny drove across to the property to install the air source heat pump system. They installed a Mitsubishi Ecodan 8.5kW with a 200-Litre hot water cylinder and a low loss header. The heat pump unit was installed at the back of the property in the garden and was installed on anti-vibration rubber feet with the cylinder being installed in the existing closet at the back of the property on the ground floor.

Once the heat pump was installed tested and commissioned. Our team then went back to the property a couple of weeks later to install the solar system on the south facing roof. Our electrical engineer Adam, installed a 2.27kW 7-panel JA Solar PV system with a 2.2kW SolarEdge HD Wave Inverter upgrade. The SolarEdge unit allows Mrs Sarrut to remotely monitor her solar panels from her phone to see the daily performance of the panels and the device increases the output of her PV system up to 25% compared to traditional units.

After the installation of both systems was complete, our team carried an Energy Performance Certificate survey on the property. The old rating was 67 giving it a D rating, however with the addition of the renewable heating and power systems, Mrs Sarrut’s new EPC rating is an 83 putting her in the B rating.

When our team provided Mrs Sarrut with her initial heat pump quotation, it compromised of a 20-Year payback calculation. Our team predicted that Mr Sarrut would receive around 15% of her investment in the 12-months and it would take less than 7 years to receive full payment back on the heat pump system with the help of the renewable heat incentive as she would earn more than £12,000 over the 7-year government incentive.

Additionally, Mrs Sarrut can claim money back through the SEG. The Smart-Export-Guarantee gives renewable customers the opportunity to receive a payment for generating energy from the sun and giving it back to the grid.

At Hero Renewables, we have years of experience in the renewable industry. Heat pump technology has revolutionised since it was first invented and that’s why we only offer the best products on the market.

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