Installation Date:

January 2018




Solar PV



Property Type:

Domestic Retrofit

Located North West of Glasgow, Scotland, Mrs Philip was looking for a way to reduce her electric bills whilst increasing her energy independence due to her rural location.

Mrs Philip enquired with Hero Renewables after being referred by one of our previous customers having asked us to design and supply a system to generate electricity which she could use and additionally provide her with the option of generating hot water from any electricity she did not use or export to the grid.

Our design team calculated the optimum number of panels and forecasted panel performance alongside expected returns from the Feed-In-Tariff, this scheme offers guaranteed payments to households that produce their own electricity at home using renewable technologies.

The FIT scheme, which launched in April 2010, has now ended and been replaced with the smart export guarantee. Our comprehensive quotation included a full breakdown of costs, performance and staged payment plan schedule.

After conducting the site survey on Mrs Philip’s home, we calculated that her house needed a 7.2kW system to generate enough electricity all year round with the In-Roof Solar Panel system.

Installing a Solar PV system and collecting the sun’s energy will offer a range of benefits, such as the Smart-Export-Guarantee, reducing your carbon emissions and energy bills to allowing you to charge your electric car for free using the suns energy.

If you have a project that requires a truly unique solution, give Hero Renewables a call on 0808 222 0 111.

The team sent were fast and efficient.

Mrs Philip | Glasgow ( Google Review )
Hero installed a solar system into my new roof. The team sent were fast and efficient. They also removed waste and left the area clean and tidy. They did have a delay with the batteries but that was down to their supplier running out and a need to source a new supplier.