Installation Date:

Summer 2019




Solar PV


Solar Edge

Project Type:

Domestic, Retrofit

Property Type:


Mrs Jacobs was pondering over the idea of installing Solar panels on her home in London for several years. She first met our team at the Grand Design Exhibition in 2018, where she spoke with one of our renewable experts at the event about the possibility of solar panels on her property.

After speaking with us, Mrs Jacobs requested for a free consolation. In which, her assigned renewable expert went to visit her property to conduct an assessment and a site survey to put a quotation together for Mrs Jacobs.

Once all of her questions were answered about the system, she agreed for the project to move forward, and our operations team got to work on the design for the system to get a date set for the installation.

Mrs Jacobs renewable expert, Dave, calculated that a 10 panels 285W Solar Edge Solar system would be large enough to provide energy for her home throughout the daytime. Our team of in-house engineers install the system just before the summer of 2019 and Mrs Jacobs has now been generating clean energy for her home for over 2 years.

Our team also supplied Mrs Jacobs with an energy meter which records the kWh generated so she could see when the system is active and how it compares to the payback projection that was provided within her quotation.

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