Installation Date:

Autumn 2019


Jedburgh, Scotland


Air Source Heat Pump, Solar PV and Rads


Mitsubishi Ecodan and JA Solar

Property Type:

Domestic, Retrofit

Living in a 3-bedroom cottage in Jedburgh, Scotland, Mrs Donaldson was within heat in her home and was looking to power the home with renewable energy instead of using carrying on using LPG in her home.

Mrs Donaldson found out about Hero Renewables through on of our adverts on Google, where she came across a page about domestic heat pumps that would be perfect for her home. After finding out that Hero was able to design, supply, install and commission a system for her home in South Scotland, Mrs Donaldson got in contact with our team to get a quotation on a system for her home. However, due to Mrs Donaldson having no heating we had to undergo a site survey on the property first to evaluate which system would be more beneficial for the home.

A site survey on the property and an energy performance assessment was undertook in October 2019, where the surveyor calculated that the home had an EPC rating of an F, however the average rating for EPC’s in Scotland is band D. therefore, the house was below the average rating but property had the potential of a band C with some energy efficient improvements.

Mrs Donaldson’s project manager proposed that a an air source heat pump combined with solar PV system would be more perfect for the home as it had a flat south facing roof and with the home having no current heating, installing a renewable system would help meet the demands of Mrs Donaldson of trying to be more environmental friendly.

Our engineers to work on the home in the Autumn of 2019, where they installed an air source heat pump that was fitted on the exterior of the property. The flow and return pipes ran from the eaves to the cylinder. The installation compromised of a 11.2 kW Mitsubishi Ecodan Air Source Heat Pump Outdoor Unit with an FTC 5 controller on a vibration proof base outside the kitchen. The heat pump was connected to a 150-litre unvented hot water cylinder with a single HP coil, which is located in the loft.

Additionally, our team also installed a 2.276kW Solar PV system compromising of 7 JA Solar Mono Percium Black Frame solar panels with a SolarEdge individual optimiser and HD wave inverter.

Hero Renewables are a first-class provider and installer of renewable technologies. Our mission is to remain at the forefront of modern energy efficiency solutions for residential and commercial properties, helping the UK transition to a green future.

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