Installation Date:

July 2016




Ground Source Heat Pump with Solar PV


Master Therm and Panasonic

Heat Emitter:

Underfloor Heating and Radiators

Property Type:

Domestic, New-Build

Mrs D wanted to ensure that her 3-bedroom bungalow she was building in Derbyshire would be heated and powered through the use of renewable energy. After finding out about Hero Renewables through our website, Mrs D got in touch with us to ask all of her renewable questions she had about the products we offer, and advise he on which would be most beneficial for her new-build home.

A survey was booked on the property on the 20th February in 2016, where Mrs D dedicated Renewable expert went down to the property to undergo calculations on the home, enabling our team to find out what systems would be best for the home and which size would be large enough to supply heat and electricity all year round.

Mrs D agreed with her Renewable expert, that the combination of a Ground source heat pump with a PV system would be perfect for the home.

Our engineers went forward with the installation a few months later and installed a MasterTherm AquaMaster 7-48kW with a 500-Litre buffer tank and a 400-Litre hot water cylinder, plus a 8.57kW Panasonic HIT N Series, Black Frame Solar Panel system.

The installation of the Solar Panels went ahead on the 4th July 2016 and the new ground source heat pump was fitted in the Plant room at the rear of the property 10 days later.

The heat pump was connected to a ground collector system which compromised of 9 slinkies, 50m long connected to a manifold chamber at the beginning of the field.

After our team of engineers, installed, tested and commissioned both the systems. It meant that Mrs D could now generate heating and domestic hot water all year round, whilst also harvesting the sun’s energy to power her home throughout the day.

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