Installation Date:

September 2017


Haverfordwest, South Wales


Air Source Heat Pump and Underfloor Heating


Mitsubishi Ecodan

Property Type:

Domestic, Retrofit

Located in the South of Wales, living in a small town within Haverfordwest, Mrs Carrozza’s was looking to generate her own heating and hot water for her property without the stress of high maintenance. She found out about Hero Renewables through our website, when she discovered that our team operated in Wales, she asked to speak to one of our team members and booked in a free site survey.

After her dedicated renewable expert visited the property, our design team then put together an anticipated performance and running costs alongside a renewable heat incentive schedule to assess that Mrs Carrozza’s home was perfect for a heat pumps system.

Our engineers installed a new air source heat pump unit which was fitted outside of the property. The heat pump installation compromised of a Mitsubishi Ecodan 8.5kW heat pump, which was connected to a 250-litre hot water cylinder that was installed with the home of the property in a plant room. Our team then connected the heating and hot water system to the underfloor heating circuit to allow the heat to be emitted into the property.

Our design team at Hero believed that if Mrs Carrozza’s air source heat pump was paired with underfloor heating; she would be able to achieve extremely low running costs when compared to conventional methods of distribution. As the underfloor heating system requires far less energy to maintain her homes temperature, not only is she savings on her utility bills, she’ll also be cutting down on the carbon emissions she is producing.

We know every project is different which is why we provide a free, in-depth site survey or if you have submitted building plans to us, our expert team of design engineers will create a bespoke plan of your chosen Renewable Technology that will match your property. All our systems are built with you in mind, specifically to your properties individual needs, giving you a guaranteed design bespoke to your requirements.

Become energy independent this year like Mrs Carrozza, by giving our team a call on 0808 222 0 111, for your free feasibility study with zero obligation.