Installation Date:

November 2020


Fulham, Greater London


Air Source Heat Pump


Mitsubishi Ecodan

Project Type:

Domestic, Retrofit

Property Type:

Mid-terrace House

Moving to the centre of London, Mrs Burden wanted to make her life more sustainable, starting with her new home she had just purchased in Fulham. She found Hero Renewables through the green business watch and made contact with our team to find out the best ways to become more eco-friendly as the property currently had no central heating, so she wanted to explore gas heating alternatives.

We suggested to Mrs Burden that generating her own energy, instead of using fossil fuels and electricity from the grid, will not only reduce her carbon footprint but it will also make her eligible for government incentives.

Once all of Mrs Burdens renewable questions were answered, she decided to go forward with the installation of an air source heat pump, within her property to create heating and hot water through the use of renewable energy.

Our engineers installed a new 11.2kW Mitsubishi Eco outdoor unit that was installed on vibration proof feet that was connected to an unvented 200-Litre hot water tank and low loss header. The heat pump system was installed at the back of the property in the garden, allowing the system to get sufficient air flow to heat the property all year round.

In addition to the heat pump system, our engineers also installed underfloor heating throughout the ground and first floor of the property. This system was connected to the heat pump manifold and would allow the property to be heated more efficiently than traditional radiators.

The property was going to undergo lots of work and have a renovation on the ground floor, so we tried to ensure that when our engineers install the heat pump system, it worked in the same time frame as the homes renovation to make the installation easier on the new homeowners.

Within Mrs Burdens Initial quotation, we provided her with a renewable heat incentive schedule that showed her how much she would receive from this government incentive over the course of seven years. Our team calculated that Mrs Burden would receive at least £1,500 each year and she would have a 100% return of investment on her system just after 3 years.

Give our team a call today on 0808 222 0 111 to take your first step to making your home a renewable one.

The team at Hero Renewables were great

Mrs Burden | London ( Google Reviews )
We used Hero Renewables to supply, install and commission a Air Source Heat Pump and underfloor hearing system when remodelling our home. The team at Hero Renewables were great to work with, from initially exploring options to commissioning of our heating system. They were professional, helpful and interested in our project, and stayed in good contact even during COVID and lockdown. They have also advised on the most efficient way to set up the system to save on electricity - really impressed by the company and their customer service.