Installation Date:

January 2016




Air Source Heat Pump, Underfloor Heating and Solar PV


Mitsubishi Ecodan and Panasonic HIT

Property Type:

Domestic, Retrofit

Mrs Baden made her enquiry at the end of 2015, where she contacted the team asking us to design a system for her home so that in the new year, she would be able to generate clean energy, every day all year round.

After speaking to one of our team members, we then visited the property in Surrey to undergo calculations. Once the survey was done on the property, Mrs Baden’s dedicated project manager provided her with an initial quotation. Including a valuable breakdown of the Feed-In-Tariff which detailed the governments payments that she would have received. Our team predicated that after the first year, Mrs Baden would earn over £500 from the Feed-In-Tariff, meaning she would get a return of investment of 125% in just 12-months.

Our engineers installed 8, Panasonic HIT N Series 245W Solar panels onto a black hybrid frame located outside of the property with a Solis 2kW single phase inverter.

After our team installed and commissioned Mrs Baden’s solar PV system on the field, she was ready to power her home throughout the day via renewable energy. The inverter our team installed was also installed in the field and was needed to convert DC electric from the solar panels to AC current.

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