Installation Date:

August 2020


Hope Valley, Derbyshire


Air Source Heat Pump


Mitsubishi Ecodan

Project Type:

Domestic, Retrofit

Property Type:

Detached House

Mr Wolfe was looking to transition his four-bedrooms home from using gas to a more renewable source, so that he could generate clean energy all year round.

Our design team completed a full feasibility study on the property to calculate an anticipated performance and running costs alongside a renewable heat incentive schedule to assess that Mr Leslie’s three-bedroom home was perfect for an air source heat pump, as installing this system would meet his family’s everyday needs.

The installation included an 8.5kW Mitsubishi Ecodan Air Source Heat Pump connected to a 170-litre unvented hot water cylinder and a low loss header. Mr Wolfe is now on his way to generating clean heating and hot water for his home through the use of renewable energy.

When we provided Mr Wolfe with his renewable heat incentive schedule within his quotation, our design team predicted that on his final year of the scheme, he would get a full return of investment of the heat pump system. Additionally, our team calculated that Mr Wolfe would have a 20-Year projected benefit of more than £15,800.

Hero Renewables are experts in Heat Pump technology, having had years of experience with Geothermal and Solar energy systems, we are proud of our installations and the way they are helping customers all over the UK heat their homes in the most cost-effective and sustainable way possible.

Interested in generating heating and how water for your home through the use of renewable energy?

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Worked efficiently and economically

Mr Wolfe | Derbyshire ( Google Review )
"I explained that we were generally satisfied with our ASHP system which has worked efficiently and economically for over six months. There were several minor issues which needed clarification. These were noted and I was promised a response from the management at Hero Renewables."