Installation Date:

August 2018


Huddersfield, West Yorkshire


Solar PV

Property Type:

Commercial, Retrofit

Mr Ward was looking to power his commercial property in Huddersfield with Solar panels so that he would be more environmentally friendly as well as cutting down on his annual electricity bill.

Once Mr Ward was assigned a dedicated project manager, we were able book in a date to visit the property and take measurements and calculations. Mr Ward’s project manager then provided him with an initial quote which was agreed and signed.

Our team then got to work and installed 40, 10.80kW JA Solar Panels with a Solis 10.0kW three-phase on the 6th August 2018. The Solar Panels were installed on the roof of the property and were facing south so that they would generate as much energy for the property from the sun. It was estimated that the solar panels would generate around 9,558kWh in total.

Our team predicted that Mr Ward would earn a payback on his system after 7 years and 9 months and this was due to the Feed-In-Tariff. In addition to this, our team calculated that Mr Ward would earn more than £30,200 over a 20-year period and that after just his first year he would receive an 11.1% return of investment.

The solar system had been generating clean electricity for Mr Ward’s business for a couple of year’s and he then decided that he wanted a system for his home in Castleford, West Yorkshire.

Mr Ward made the enquiry on the 15th January in 2019 for his home and our team calculated that a 2.25kW solar PV system would be big enough to generate energy for the home daily. He agreed for the project to go forward and in the Summer of 2019, our team of engineers installed the system and now Mr Ward is using the sun’s energy to power his home and business.

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