Installation Date:

July 2020


Altrincham, Cheshire


Air Source Heat Pump Replacement Unit


Mitsubishi Ecodan

Project Type:

Domestic, Retrofit

Property Type:

Semi-Detached House

Ecodan Ultra Quiet

The New Mitsubishi Ecodan Ultra Quiet is ideal for homes in a residential areas as they offer all the energy efficiency of an air source heat pump with minimal sound levels, meaning that any home can benefit from eco-friendly high performance heating.


Mr Tennant found Hero Renewables through a web enquiry. In which, he got in touch with our team as he was looking for a quote for an air source heat pump system. In his property, he already had a 12kw Husky air source heat pump which had been written off and he was looking to replace it with a more efficient heat pump system.

Due to already having a heat pump system, it meant that Mr Tennant had a fully functional hot water tank and a heating system, so he was looking for a highly-recommend team to replace a like for like system and we were more than happy to help.

Mr Tennant’s previous heat pump was installed in 2012 and was not installed by an MCS accredited installer which meant he could not take advantage of any Renewable Heat Incentive payments; however, our team are accredited installers, so we ensured that the system we fitted met all the standards necessary for Mr Tennant to receive payments from the scheme for 7-years.

Our design team completed a full feasibility study on the property to calculate an anticipated performance and running costs alongside a renewable heat incentive schedule to assess that Mr Tennant’s 3-bedroom semi-detached house in Altringham would need an air source heat pump of 8.5kW.

The new Air source heat pump was fitted on the exterior of the property, outside the bedrooms on anti-vibration mounts. The flow and return pipes ran to his existing cylinder and were connected to his new heat pump.

When we provided Mr Tennant with his renewable heat incentive schedule, our design team predicted that by year 6 he would get his money back that he paid for the system he is expected to get a projected return of investment of 114% by the end of his 7-year payments from the government incentive programme.

Have you ever been without heating or hot water on a cold winter night as your boiler has broken down?

An Air Source Heat Pumps could be perfect for your property, as not only will they save you money on your monthly utility bills and help the environment, but they can also harvest a unique return on investment unlike any other through government incentives.

Give our team a call today on 0808 222 0 111, for your free feasibility study.

Excellent service and value.

Mr Tennant | Altrincham, Cheshire ( Google Review )
"Excellent service and value. They took two days to install an air source heat pump. They communicated well at every stage of the process. They were professional and courteous when they were here. It was the most reasonable quote after I had contacted many suppliers, so the cost of the installation ended up being about the same as the Renewable Heat Incentive. The heat pump has kept the house warm through the really cold nights, so no problems there."