Installation Date:

September 2018


Frodsham, Cheshire


Solar PV



Property Type:

Domestic, Retrofit

Located in the outskirts on Frodsham, Mr Swift was looking to unlock his homes potential with renewable energy by installing solar panels on his property. After making an online enquiry with us, our team conducted a site survey.

Our team assessed that a 3.92kW solar PV compromised of 16 Panasonic HIT N series 245W black frame solar panels was perfect for the home. After giving Mr Swift an initial quotation for the system, he agreed for the project to go forward in the Autumn of 2018. Mr Swift’s solar panels were situated on his field next to the house. We also fitted Solar edge 3500w one-phase inverter and a single phase generation meter, the devices were installed outside next to the panel and they were connected to the solar system.

The inverter converts DC electric from the solar panels to the AC current required to connect to Mr Swift’s existing electricity meter and will begin generating each day as soon as light levels are sufficient.

Our team calculated that Mr Swift would earn over £11,000 from fuel saving and nearly £4,000 in payments from the feed-in-tariff and Export rate payment over a period of 20-years, which is the life expectancy of his solar panels.

In addition to a feed-in-tariff schedule, our team calculated that Mr Swift would see a return of investment on his initial investment after 9 year and 9 months.

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