Installation Date:

January 2017




Ground Source Heat Pump and Underfloor Heating



Property Type:

Domestic, Retrofit

Living in the centre of Stoke-On-Trent in a 3 bedroom home, Mr Robinson was looking to make his home energy independent. He found Hero Renewables through our website, where he made an enquiry to speak to one of our team about the options available.

Our design team completed a full feasibility study, with predicted performance and running costs alongside a renewable heat incentive schedule to assess that Mr Robinson’s perfect renewable match was a MasterTherm Aquamaster single-phase inverter 5-12kW Ground Source Heat Pump with the heat being distributed around the property through underfloor heating to maximise the heat around the home.

Our engineers got to work on the property at the end of January in 2017, where they installed the ground source heat pump in the garage of the home. Plus, they installed a 250-litre hot water cylinder and a 100-litre buffer vessel, which would be more than enough for his family of 5 daily use of hot water. Once the heat pump was installed, tested and commissioned, our engineers installed Mr Robinson’s Underfloor heating on the ground and first floor of the property.

The ground floor manifold was fitted at the back of the stairs and the first-floor manifold was installed in a cupboard at the top of the stairs. The underfloor heating had room thermostats that were a switch, they enabled the heated water from the buffer vessel to heat the rooms that required heating.

Run faultlessly for the last two & a half years

Mr Robinson | Stoke on Trent ( Google Review )
Really pleased with our groundsource heatpump install. Had an initial issue with the pump unit that was rectified by Hero quickly, and its run faultlessly for the last two & a half years... Who needs gas ??

Over the years, Hero Renewables have been winning multiple awards and achieved many milestones. When the business first started in the summer of 2013, Hero Renewables was just a local business trying to make the world a greener place.

Since moving to our new head office in the heart of Cheshire, the Hero team have taken the renewable sector by storm, achieving multiple awards, such as the Cheshire business award in 2015 and the National renewable heat incentive installer of the year in 2017 as well as sending over 10,000 quotations and putting an Air source heat pump on a boat.

If you’re looking to go green and receive your free, in-depth quotation for a system that is prefect to your home requirements, then give our team a call today on 0808 222 0 111 to speak to one of the team and get your journey with Hero started.