Installation Date:

Spring 2016


Sheffield, South Yorkshire


Ground Source Heat pump and Solar PV combined with Underfloor Heating and Battery Storage


MasterTherm, Panasonic and Tesla

Property Type:

Domestic, New-Build

Living in a large detached home on the outskirts of Sheffield town in a rural area, Mr Phelan was looking to take his home fully of the grid. After finding out about Hero Renewables through a google search, he was very keen to get the project moving forward.

After speaking to our team to discuss the options available for his home, a site survey was booked at the start of December in 2016. Mr Phelan’s project manager visited the property to undergo calculations on the space available, the home’s heating and energy demand amongst a range of other factors that were needed, to provide Mr Phelan with a comprehensive breakdown of the correct systems required for his home. Our team believed that if Mr Phelan wanted to ensure his home was operating off the grid effectively then he would be most beneficial installing a Ground source heat pump and Solar PV system combined with Battery Storage and Underfloor heating.

Mr Phelan’s new Solar PV system compromised of 11 Panasonic HIT N Series 245W Black Frame Hybrid that were installed in January 2015, which were situated on the roof of the property.

The arrays of panels were connected to an inverter which was installed in the utility room. This device converts DC electric from the solar panels to the AC current required to connect to Mr Phelan’s existing electricity meter, so that he can generate electricity every day for his family as soon as light levels are sufficient.

After installing, testing and commissioning the Solar PV and Tesla Powerwall Battery Storage system, Mr Phelan was on his way to generating clean electricity for his home during daylight hours with energy not used in the home being stored in his battery system, which would be used in his home at night and for emergency usages.

In February 2016, our engineers then installed a MasterTherm AQ Inverter 7-22KW Ground source Heat Pump outside of the property in the back garden combined with Underfloor heating that was installed on the same day.

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