Installation Date:

Winter 2020


Aldridge, Walsall


Air Source Heat Pump


MasterTherm BoxAir

Heat Emitter:

Underfloor Heating

Project Type:

Domestic, Retrofit

Property Type:

Detached Home

Mr Nathwani found out about Hero Renewables, as he was referred by one of his neighbours who recently had an air source heat pump installed by ourselves. Mr Nathwani was heating his 4 bedrooms detached home through electricity using underfloor heating. This meant he had high energy bills and was looking to reduce this by installing a renewable heating system. Once he made contact with our team, he was assigned a dedicated project manager who went to visit the property in Walsall to survey the property and find out which system would be the perfect match for the property.

Mr Nathwani’s project manager undertook a survey on the home to work out the space available, heat demand, customer budget amongst other information needed and provided Mr Nathwani with a comprehensive feasibility study, demonstrating running costs, installation costs and a financial breakdown on his Renewable Heat Incentive payments he would get, allowing him to make a decisive decision with all the information he needed to go forward with the project.

Once he was presented with an in-depth quotation, Mr Nathwani agreed to sign, and the project moved forward. The team at Hero Renewables got to work and installed a 7-22kW MasterTherm Boxair heat pump on vibration bases with a 300-litre unvented hot water cylinder and a 200-litre buffer cylinder. Our engineers installed the heat pump outside and at the back of the property and fitted the cylinder and buffer tank in the existing cylinder cupboard.

When our team provided Mr Nathwani’s with his initial quotation, it included a projected renewable heat incentive schedule. This schedule gave him a 20-year break down of how much he would back from the government incentive for creating renewable heating in his home. Our team calculated that just after 3 years, Mr Nathwani would receive a full return of investment on his system and that over the 20-year period, Mr Nathwani was projected a 602% return on his initial investment.

Have you ever been without heating or hot water on a cold winter night as your boiler has broken down?

Then a Air Source Heat Pumps could be perfect for your property, as they are well known to be “Fit and Forget” technology, once they are installed, they require little to no maintenance.

If you’re looking to go green this year then give our team a call on 0808 222 0 111, for your free feasibility study.