Installation Date:

October 2015


Chesterfield, Derbyshire


Solar PV



Property Type:

Domestic, Retrofit

Mr Looney was pondering over the idea of installing Solar panels on his home for a few years, he first enquiry with a different company after being referred by one of his friends who recently installed Solar panels on their home, however he believed that the initial cost was too high. He decided to look around the internet, where he came across the Hero Renewables website, he then called our team to ask all of his renewable’s questions about the solar system.

After speaking to Mr Looney over the phone, a site survey was booked on the property in Chesterfield. Once Mr Looney’s project manager visited the property, we were then able to analyse that his home had the capacity to have a PV system which could include 16, Panasonic HIT Solar panels that could be installed on the southside of the roof with the array of panels being connected to an Aurora PVI 3.6 inverter. Once our operations team explained the process to Mr Looney and then he agreed for the project to go forward and the installation went ahead in the Autumn of 2015. The system was supplied with an energy meter which records the kWh generated so you can see when the system is active and how it compares to payback projection.

Once we installed, tested and commissioned Mr Looney’s Solar PV system, he was on his way to generating clear electricity for his home uses throughout the day, with the excess energy being exported back to the National Grid.

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