Installation Date:

May 2016


Riddlesden, Keighley


Solar Thermal


Thermal Earth

Property Type:

Domestic, Retrofit

North West of Leeds City centre, Mr Johnson was living in a 3-bedroom home in a small town called Riddlesden. He found out about Hero Renewable through our website and he made an online enquiry, our team spoke to Mr Johnson on the phone and discussed all the available options for his property.

Our team believed that a Solar Thermal system would be perfect for the property and Mr Johnson agreed. A site survey was then booked, and our team underwent calculations on the home. They found that two thermal earth flate plate Solar Thermal panels would be enough to harvest the suns energy for the home.

Solar Thermal is a great renewable energy technology that, compared to other systems, are relatively inexpensive. They will generally provide 60% of your hot water requirements for an entire year. During April to September, your Solar Thermal system should provide almost all your hot water, meaning if your boiler isn’t being used for central heating, your heating costs should be close to zero during this period. You can see from this how Installing Solar Thermal really can save you money.

Solar Thermal is such a Versatile technology due to the number of options available, as we offer on-roof, in-roof and flat roof panels.

At Hero Renewables we can help your home capture the sun’s heat with our wide variety of option available for our customers.

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