Installation Date:

September 2017


Bishop Norton, Market Rasen


Ground Source Heat Pump



Property Type:

Detached House

Project Type:

Domestic Retro-Fit

Living North of Lincoln City in an urban city, Mr Haines was searching for a renewable alternative to using fossil fuels in his home. When looking on the internet, he came across Hero Renewables and made contact with us to design a system for his property.

Our team wanted to ensure that would we could unlock his homes potential with renewable technology and reduce his carbon footprint.

After speaking to Mr Haines, our team completed a full feasibility study, with an anticipated performance and running costs with a renewable heat incentive schedule, providing Mr Haines with the figures required to make a knowledgeable decision on going green.

The Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive is a Government financial support scheme for renewable heating systems, such as heat pumps, which our team installed for Mr Haines to allow his to apply for this incentive and receive payments from the Government over a 7-year period.

Our in-house team calculated that a MasterTherm 12kW Aquamaster AQ30i single phase ground source heat pump with a 300-litre hot water cylinder was the most efficient and beneficial option for Mr Haines living in a 4-bedroom property.

The Aquamaster Heat Pump was floor mounted to the side of the wall, enabling Mr Haines to now generate heating and hot water every day, all year round.

Why install a heat pump system in your home?

Ground Source Heat Pumps offer the lowest running costs of any heating system available on the market. With the correct amount of insulation, whilst paired with underfloor heating or oversized radiators, a ground source heat pump will provide your home with affordable, sustainable comfort, all year around.

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