Installation Date:

January 2017


Halesowen, Birmingham


Ground Source Heat Pump


Master Therm

Property Type:

Domestic, Retrofit

Living in a 3-bedroom detached cottage the urban area of West Birmingham, Mr Gair and his partner were looking to transition their property from using traditional oil to heat their home to using a more sustainable system that would see a payback in the long term and to have  Low maintenance, enabling the couple to heat their home and not have to worry about the system.

Following an initial enquiry Mr Gair, he spoke with our domestic team and then subsequently sent over his plans and drawings for his home, enabling us to work out which system would be most beneficial for his home. From the plans, we were able to work out where a system could be installed and measuring the heat requirement and energy efficiency of his property.

Once our team had completed a feasibility study on the home, we calculated that a 12kW Inverter MasterTherm single-phase Aquamaster ground source heat pump would be the perfect system for the property. After talking to Mr Gair about where the system would be installed, he decided for the project to go forward in the new year of 2017.

After our engineers installed, tested and commissioned Mr Gair’s heating system, he was on his way to generating clean energy for his home all year round. In addition to this, the only emissions created by a Ground Source Heat Pump are the electric ones required to power the compressor, allowing Mr Gair to reduce his carbon footprint massively in comparison to burning traditional fossil fuels.

Why installed a Ground source heat pump?

Ground Source Heat Pumps boast the lowest running costs of any heating system available on the market. With the correct amount of insulation, whilst paired with underfloor heating or oversized radiators, a ground source heat pump will provide you with affordable, sustainable comfort, all year around.

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