Installation Date:

January 2017


Brecon, South of Wales


Solar PV



Property Type:

Domestic, Retrofit

Living in a 4-bedroom home in the rural area of Brecon Beacons National Park in a small town called Libanus, Mr Bysouth wanted to take full advantage of his south facing roof by harvesting the sun’s energy and using the energy to power his home throughout the daytime.

When the Hero team was at the Home Building and Renovation show in 2016, Mr Bysouth recognised Hero Renewables by one of our online adverts. He then come over to our stand to find out more on renewable energy systems. One of our team members sat down with Mr Bysouth and spoke to his about how the systems works, the incentives he can gain from installing a renewable energy system. Once Mr Bysouth decided to take his first steps into the renewable world, a site survey was booked on his property in the South of Wales.

Mr Bysouth’s dedicated project manager went out to the property to conduct the homes annual heating demand, the space available for a system amongst other factors. Once complete, we were able to give Mrs Bysouth all the information needed to make a decisive decision and go forward with the project.

Mr Bysouth decided to go ahead with the installation, as our engineers go to work on the home in the new year of 2017, where they installed a Solar PV system which compromised of 16 Panasonic HIT N Series 245W Black Frame Hybrid panels that were fitted to the roof of the property. Along with an inverter by Fronius that was installed in the loft of the property.

Once the system was installed, test and commissioned, the Solar PV system was ready to be signed up for the Feed in Tariff, allowing Mr Bysouth to gain additional money for giving energy created by himself back to the National gird.

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