Installation Date:

Autumn 2018




Air Source Heat Pump and Underfloor Heating



Property Type:

Domestic, New-Build

Living in the county of Devon in a small town called Chumleigh, Mr Bushell was looking to make his new-build detached home a sustainable one. After making an enquiry with Hero Renewables, Mr Bushell spoke with a team member to discuss all the possible options available for his property.

We suggested to Mr Bushell that generating his own energy, instead of using fossil fuels and electricity from the grid, will not only reduce his carbon footprint but it will also make him eligible for government incentives.

Once all of Mr Bushell’s renewable questions were answered, he decided to go forward with the installation of an air source heat pump, within his property to create heating and hot water from renewable energy for him and his family all year round.

Our engineers installed a new Mitsubishi 8.5kW air source heat pump outdoor unit which was connected to a 250-litre hot water cylinder and an underfloor heating circuit that was underneath the tile flooring throughout the ground floor of the property. Our team believed that having a 250-Litre cylinder would generate enough hot water for the family of 4 every day all year round.

Hero Renewables are experts in Heat Pump technology, having had years of experience with Geothermal and Solar energy systems, we are proud of our installations and the way they are helping customers all over the UK heat their homes in the most cost-effective and sustainable way possible.

Give our team a call today on 0808 222 0 111 to take your first step to making your home a renewable one.