Installation Date:

May 2017


Macclesfield, Cheshire


Solar PV



Property Type:

Domestic, Retrofit

Living in a 3-bedroom detached home in Macclesfield, Mr Bromley’s was looking to reduce his electricity bills and become more energy independent were just some of the request’s he asked for when he made his enquiry with Hero Renewables.

After completing a free full site survey on Mr Bromley’s home, we found that he had the capacity to have a Solar PV system which compromised of 10, Panasonic 245W HIT solar panels with a Fronius Galvo 2.5 inverter. The inverter converts DC electric from the solar panels to the AC current required to connect to Mr Bromley’s existing electricity meter.

Once we installed, tested and commissioned Mr Bromley’s Solar PV system, he was on her way to generating clean electricity for her home uses throughout the day. Mr Bromley’s could now claim on the Feed-In-Tariff and earn money back for access energy given back to the National Grid.

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