Installation Date:

May 2017


Flintshire, Chester


Air Source Heat Pump and Underfloor Heating



Property Type:

Domestic, Retrofit

Mr Beach made his enquiry with Hero Renewables over 3 years ago when he found the company through our Facebook page and made an inquiry to speak to one of our team members. Mr Beach was looking to transition his home from using gas to a more renewable alternative so that he could generate clean energy all year round.

Our design team completed a full feasibility study, with anticipated performance and running costs alongside a renewable heat incentive schedule to assess that Mr Beach’s home was perfect for an air source heat pump, as this system would be most beneficial for Mr Beach and most effective for the home.

The installation included a Mitsubishi Ecodan 8.5KW PUHZ-W85VHA2 8.5kW air source heat pump outdoor unit combined with underfloor heating that ran though the ground floor of the property so that Mr Beach could maximise the heat in his home more efficiently. Mr Beach was on his way to generating clean heating and hot water for his home after we installed, tested and commissioned his renewable energy systems.

An Air Source Heat Pump is a product known to be a “Fit and Forget” technology, once they are installed, they require little to no maintenance. Designed to have a lifespan of 20 years, requiring no fuel supplies, you can be reassured in the knowledge your home will always be warm and comfortable.

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