Installation Date:

Spring 2019




Solar Pv and Battery Storage


Longi 305W and Sonnen Batterie

Property Type:

Domestic, Retrofit

Living East of Bath in a 3-bedroom detached home, Mr and Mrs Couch wanted to take full advantage of their south-facing roof to produce clean electricity throughout the day and store the energy to be used in the night.

After speaking to the couple, our design team were able to schedule a free site survey for the property, we suggested that with the homes annual energy demand, it would be most advantageous to install 18 Longi 305W all black mono solar panel combined with a Sonnen Batterie Eco 9.43.

Once our engineers travelled down south to the property, they installed 18 Longi 305W all black mono solar panel with a SolarEdge 6000 HD inverter and a Wi-Fi Module Kit. The system was supplied with an energy meter which records the kWh generated so they could see when the system is active and how it compares to their payback projection.

In addition to this, we also installed a 2.5kWh Sonnen Batterie Eco in the home, so now Mr and Mrs Couch were ready to harvest the suns energy throughout the day and with any energy not being used in the home would be sorted in their battery storage.