Installation Date:

November 2018


Mytton, Shropshire


Air Source Heat Pump


Mitsubishi Ecodan

Property Type:

Commercial, New-Build

Heat Emitter:

Underfloor Heating and Radiators

L G Blower Ltd is a privately owned building company, based in the central area of Shrewsbury and they specialise in bricklaying & building from the design through to build of new homes.

L G Blower we’re undergoing a new job on three, 6 bedroom properties in Mytton, Shropshire and they wanted all the property’s to be environmentally friendly by installing a renewable heating system. All the properties each had a unique and beautiful design with them all standing in just over an acre of land, located in a delightful, peaceful and green location.

Mr Blower found the business of Hero Renewables through the Green Business Watch and contacted our team to design, supply, install and commission a system for each of the new-build homes.

After receiving the plans and blueprints of the properties, our new-build team got to work on putting together a quotations. This was supplied to Mr Blower in February 2018. He agreed to the projects and our team went ahead an installed the systems in November 2018 when the properties were being built.

The new air source heat pumps were fitted to the outside of the properties and mounted on anti-vibration feet. Each heat pump installation compromised of a Mitsubishi Ecodan 11.2kW PUHZ-W112VHA2 air source heat pump with the units being connected to a 300-Litre hot water cylinder, UFH and Radiator circuits.

The main isolator for the Air Source Heat Pump was installed on the wall near to the heat pump. The air source is weather compensated and has a programmable room thermostat giving the new-homeowners the ability to set their desired room temperature.

If you’re looking to go green for your home or business, then give our team a call on 0808 222 0 111 or leave your details to schedule a call with one of our expert team members.