Innovative Way To Capture Solar Energy From The Sun To Heat Your Water, Even When It Isn’t Shining.

What Is Solar Thermal?

Solar Thermal systems are designed to heat the hot water stored in your hot water tank by utilising heat from the sun. Unlike Solar PV panels, Solar Thermal collects the heat from the sun and not the light, meaning they can still work effectively on cloudy days and when the sun isn’t shining. They also work, albeit not as efficiently, in the winter months.

How Does It Work?

A solar thermal system works by absorbing heat through solar panels, referred to as collectors, situated on or near to the desired building.

The collectors use heat from the sun to heat up water which can then be stored, usually in a hot water cylinder, and used when required.

A boiler or backup system can be used to further heat the water or if the hot water demand exceeds solar thermal production.

What is the main advantage of Solar Thermal?

Lowering the non-renewable energy required to heat the water and replacing it with free, renewable sunlight, solar thermal technology can provide numerous benefits to the owner.

This is because the lowered demand for fossil fuels provide the energy to heat hot water, meaning your utility bills are slashed. Plus, giving you the reassurance that you are lowering your homes carbon emissions to reduce your carbon footprint.

Hero Renewables are an MCS accredited installer, and all our systems are designed and installed to MCS standards meaning your Solar Thermal installation will be eligible for the Renewable Heat Incentive. The RHI pays you quarterly for using your Solar Thermal System for 7 years if you are a domestic customer and 20 years if you are a commercial customer.

Solar Thermal Benefits

Installing Solar Thermal within your home or business will unlock a range of benefits
  • More Stable Fuel Cost
  • Lower Carbon Dioxide Outputs
  • Greater Reliability
  • Eligible For The RHI
  • Lower Running Costs

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The installers are friendly and inspire confidence in their work.

Mr Stubbs | Cheshire ( Google Reviews )
This company is very customer focused. They give excellent practical advice for each installation. I have had my 2 kW system for 4 years and it has performed up to specification consistently. The installers are friendly and inspire confidence in their work.

Solar Thermal Benefits

  • Reduced Energy Bills

    Due to the solar thermal install’s free hot water production, you’ll be paying a lot less annually for hot water through your energy bills.

  • Earn As You Save

    You may be able to receive payments for the heat you generate from a solar water heating system through the government’s Renewable Heat Incentive.

  • Versitile

    Solar Thermal is such a versatile technology due to the number of options available, as we offer on-roof, in-roof and flat roof panels.

    At Hero Renewables we can help your home capture the sun’s heat with our wide variety of option available for our customers.

  • High Efficiency

    Solar Thermal is a Renewable Energy technology that, compared to other systems, are relatively inexpensive. They will generally provide 60% of your hot water requirements for an entire year. During April to September, your Solar Thermal system should provide almost all your hot water, meaning if your boiler isn’t being used for central heating, your heating costs should be close to zero during this period. You can see from this how Installing Solar Thermal really can save you money.

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