Let Your Home Breathe Freely.

Are You Looking For Clean, Fresh Air Without Having to Open Windows with Minimal Heat Loss?

Does the air in your house become stuffy? Leading you to open a window to let fresh air in? But you are also letting the heat out!

Modern ventilation systems are the solution to your problem by recovering the heat energy from musty air and passing it into fresh air drawn into your home.

How Does The System Work?

MVHR works by an extract fan within the ventilation system removing air from the wet rooms, such a kitchen and bathrooms on a frequent basis, this warm air is then distributed through a heat exchange.

Extracting the heat and passes it onto a supply of fresh, filtered air, that is being extracted from outside and pumped into the other rooms of the house, such as the living room, bedrooms and dining rooms.

This renewable method means that the fresh air and musty air do not mix. In its place, more than 90% of the heat is recovered from the air leaving the building, which is used to pre-heat the fresh incoming air, resulting in far less heating required for the property.

What are the main advantages of having an MVHR system?

Running Costs

In most new build properties, it is usually the case that MVHR will lower the heat demand of your property by 50%. The cost of running an MVHR unit is usually around £200 a year. Correct design is essential for maximising your savings, we are able to consult and deliver on the best means for you to reach as close to net zero energy costs as possible.


The less heat you require to create a warm comfortable home for you and your family, the more you’ll be reducing your carbon emissions. Aside from fuel savings, the benefits of creating a fresh, pure living environment can work superbly in keeping you and your home healthy for years to come.


MVHR systems require very little constant maintenance as they are running 24/7 around the clock to keep your home purified. Aside from cleaning out the dirt collector a couple of times a year, MVHR units are relatively low maintenance, with typical systems lasting over 20 years, and guaranteed for at least 5, they are an extremely low maintenance high reward home efficiency improvement.

MVHR Benefits

Installing an MVHR system offers a range of benefits
  • Energy Saving
  • Comfort
  • Humidity Control
  • Higher Air Quality
  • Low Running Costs
  • Quieter and Draught Free Home
  • Eliminates Mould, Mildew and Combats Condensation
  • Recovers up to 95% of Heat Extracted From Wet Rooms

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I'd definetly reccommend.

Mrs Shillito | London ( Google Reviews )
We have just had Hero install an air source heat pump on our full time liveaboard houseboat in London. Both we and Hero put in a lot of ground work in preparation for this job; living on a houseboat you always want to maximise space. When the lads arrived, the install went extremely smoothly, they were great company for the few days with us, polite and efficient, I'd definetly reccommend.

Hero Renewables were excellent.

Mr Ismail | North London ( Google Reviews )
Hero Renewables were excellent. They went over and above to help get my heating system working again and correct the fault. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them and have taken up a care plan with the company for my ground source heating system.

Well done Hero!

Mr and Mrs Lewis | Cheshire ( Google Review )
Great customer service, the engineers are very helpful and the products are fantastic. We recently had an air source heat pump and underfloor heating system installed and we are extremely happy with it and the whole experience with Hero Renewables. Well done Hero!

Professional and courteous

Mr Barratt | Stockport ( Google Review )
Professional and courteous installation of both solar panels and air source heat pump.

What an excellent company to deal with.

Mr Trumpess | Derby ( Google Review )
Hero have just completed the annual service on my aero thermal heat pump etc. The visit was set up quickly and simply, the fitter arrived spot on time and done the service quickly, professionally and cleanly. What an excellent company to deal with.

I would highly recommend this company

Mr Cunningham | Kent ( Google Review )
Hero have installed an ASHP and hot water system for me in Sevenoaks, Kent. It is a new build and needed good communication and cooperation with the builders on site. Everything worked out well, even the plumber was impressed!! We are now in the process of discussing another system for a different development. I would highly recommend this company

The engineers who installed our ASHP were fantastic

Mr Shaw | Nottinghamshire ( Google Review )
We looked into several suppliers for our ASHP, and Hero came out on top for both value and honesty. Others promised the world but then fell short when it came down to the fine detail. The engineers who installed our ASHP were fantastic- they had a tough gig with the delayed delivery, but they didn’t leave until all was complete. As with most companies, there were some slight hiccups where the sales team and projects team didn’t overlap as you’d wish, but this was ironed out shortly after. All in all, very happy with the service provided by Hero, would certainly recommend.

The installation was excellent

Mr Dudley | Campbeltown, Scotland ( YouGen Review )
The installation was excellent but some of the support from the office was a bit haphazard. We would have been happier if there had been an individual who was a project manager who saw it through from beginning to end.

Professional and experts in their field

Mr Hadaway | Cheshire ( YouGen Review )
Having an old Air Source Heat Pump fail on me I was looking around for a company to help me change and even upgrade my existing system.  Hero Renewables sent someone to my house and see what I already had and talk through different options offering different price ranges and variants. He was very informative and knowledgeable on this subject which I wasn’t too familiar with and took the time to explain things to me and my wife. He also told us we would be eligible for the R.H.I ( renewable heating incentive).  We decided to phone Hero the very next day with out order and with us having no heating they made us a priority and came within a week to come and install a new system for me.  The workmen came in a team and worked very quickly and efficiently. They had different teams working on various aspects to speed up the install and it was all done easily within a day. I can not fault the work or the install. Everything went smoothly and professionally.  I was shown how to operate the new system and the final workman wouldn’t leave till he was happy with everything and we knew how to work everything.  I couldn’t recommend Hero Renewables highly enough. Professional and experts in their field (which is hard to come by). Have already got a neighbour interested in upgrading their existing system to a H.R. one. If you are looking for someone for any work that they cover you’d be a fool to look else where.

High degree of expertise. 

Urban House Developments LTD | Kent ( YouGen Review )
We used Hero to install both underfloor and air source heating throughout a new build house - generally good communications and completion of works as scheduled with high degree of expertise.

Very good value for money.

Mrs Williamson | Hertfordshire ( YouGen Review )
I went with Hero as they stood out on price meaning it has been very good value for money. Adequately and sufficient paperwork was left to remind myself of advice given during installation. Can sometimes be difficult to contact individuals for particular queries.

I would use Hero again for any work I have done in future. 

Mr Mackenzie | Warwick ( YouGen Review )
I chose Hero because they provided the best response when I contacted a few installers. I was also really impressed as they provided a good follow up service where we discussed various options when selecting the right system for me. The ASHP and solar systems are both working well and delivering benefits. I would use Hero again for any work I have done in future.

Heat pump is definitely living up to expectations.

Mr Thompson | West Midlands ( YouGen Review )
I chose them because they stood out on price and I'd heard their customer service was great. I found that they were excellent value for money and my heat pump is definitely living up to expectations.

responded well and quickly to my enquiries

Anonymous Reviewer | Warwickshire ( YouGen Review )
I chose Hero as they responded well and quickly to my enquiries with both written and verbal explanations. So far system is living up to what I expected and is proving good value.

Customer service was excellent

Anonymous Reviewer | Derbyshire ( YouGen Review )
Hero were the best of the three quotes I received. Customer service was excellent and my options were written in depth as well as a technical proposal and practical demonstration, once installed.  Not the cheapest but technically the most advanced thereby making it the most economic to run. So far it is doing exactly as I wanted and they proposed.

They always called me back and helped me to get the right certificates to apply for the incentive.

Mr and Mrs Patel | Middlesex ( Google Review )
We installed a ASHP with Hero’s. I can tell you that the service and after service was good. They always called me back and helped me to get the right certificates to apply for the incentive.

A good system which runs perfectly and I would recommend the company.

Mr France | Woore ( Google Review )
Hi, quality installation. Independently verified by Mitsubishi service engineer that Ecodan Air Source system was well fitted which apparently is not always the case. Had the control panel explained which I could not take in as too much in a short space of time. Need a really good set of instructions on basics which I could not find anywhere on line. All in all a good service, a good system which runs perfectly and I would recommend the company.

Hero Renewables were very professional

Mr Bam | Reading ( Google Review )
Hero Renewables were very professional in the approach used for assessment of the heat pump requirements, costing, installation, commissioning and start up. The warranty and registration was also handled on my behalf by Hero Renewables.

System installed in early January and is working well.

Mr Jones | Gwynedd, North Wales ( Google Review )
System installed in early January and is working well. Slight issue with the room thermostat/monitor but a replacement should arrive soon. The few problems have been settled easily with the help of the knowlegable technical staff.

We like this company and will use them again.

Mr Roberts | Kent ( Google Review )
We used Hero for both our underfloor and air source heating on a new house build - we found their communications to be generally prompt and responsive - they turned up on site when they were scheduled to and the work, apart from one slight hitch (which they corrected without delay) was all completed on time and in particular the AS plumbing & electrical works which were undertaken within a very confined space were excellent. We like this company and will use them again.

We are certainly happy to recommend Hero Renewables.

Mrs Forbes | North of Scotland ( Google Review )
We live in a remote corner of Scotland but Hero Renewables sent out a very competent and tidy team to install our air source heat pump. The result is excellent. The Mitsubishi heat pump is virtually silent. We are certainly happy to recommend Hero Renewables.

Very professional and competent installation team

Mr Lovas | Banbury, Oxfordshire ( Google Review )
I had my LG ASHP supplied and fitted by Hero renewables. From first visit up to installation it was done to very high standard.Very professional and competent installation team.Whole installation took few days. Pump is running ever since.Very quiet operation. Also helped to register with Ofgem.

very pleased with the system

Mrs Davidson | Ashbourne, Derbyshire ( Google Review )
I have had a Hero Renewables Air Source Heat Pump system for my under floor heating for 3 years now and have been very pleased with the system. I have also signed up for the annual service agreement. This system has proved to be much more economical, efficient and easy to use than my previous system and there is the added bonus of the Renewable Heat Incentive which gives a quarterly return for 7 years from installation.

Whole team were professional

Mr Sterry | Tewkesbury ( YouGen Reviews )
"Excellent Whole team were professional, polite and worked together to install the heat pump without disturbing the visible interior of the house or detracting from its surroundings. As with a previous project they listened to what we proposed, commented on its practicality and then delivered and installed the agreed system."

Hero were very good, we would recommend them.

Mr and Mrs Langley | Derbyshire ( Google Reviews )
Hero were very good, we would recommend them. Their fitters, especially Edward, was first class. A really obliging, well mannered young man. We have had a number of services on site but none better than Edward/Hero.

The team at Hero Renewables were great

Mrs Burden | London ( Google Reviews )
We used Hero Renewables to supply, install and commission a Air Source Heat Pump and underfloor hearing system when remodelling our home. The team at Hero Renewables were great to work with, from initially exploring options to commissioning of our heating system. They were professional, helpful and interested in our project, and stayed in good contact even during COVID and lockdown. They have also advised on the most efficient way to set up the system to save on electricity - really impressed by the company and their customer service.

I have now been generating clean energy for 2 yrs thanks to Hero.

Mr Pownall | Cheshire ( Google Review )
"Hero Renewables were great with the design and installation of my renewable heating and hot water system. They were more than happy to supply me with all the information I needed at the time.I have now been generating clean energy for 2 yrs thanks to Hero."

Excellent product and good customer service.

Mr East | Somerset ( Google Review )
"Hero supplied and installed a heat pump for my home a while back. Excellent product and good customer service."

We are pleased and happy to find and entrust HERO

Mr Hook | Chesterfield ( Google Review )
"We are pleased and happy to find and entrust HERO with the installation of our ASHP which we are very pleased with.The company and team members we excellent to work with. The heat pump has been fitted 3 months and we are very happy with it in providing the form of underfloor heating which is constant.We also felt assured using Mitsubishi for our unit ."

Worked efficiently and economically

Mr Wolfe | Derbyshire ( Google Review )
"I explained that we were generally satisfied with our ASHP system which has worked efficiently and economically for over six months. There were several minor issues which needed clarification. These were noted and I was promised a response from the management at Hero Renewables."

Excellent service and value.

Mr Tennant | Altrincham, Cheshire ( Google Review )
"Excellent service and value. They took two days to install an air source heat pump. They communicated well at every stage of the process. They were professional and courteous when they were here. It was the most reasonable quote after I had contacted many suppliers, so the cost of the installation ended up being about the same as the Renewable Heat Incentive. The heat pump has kept the house warm through the really cold nights, so no problems there."

Polite and professional and no mess was left.

Mr Quinton | Salisbury ( Google Review )
"Had a air source heat pump fitted which took 2 days. Both the guys that fitted it were very polite and professional and no mess was left. The unit has now been in just over 2 years and no problems its quite and unlike the old oil boiler no smells. I would defiantly recommend this company everything went very smoothly from the initial enquiry to fully up and runny."

I would definitely recommend

Mr Bousted | Lynn, Norfolk ( Google Review )
"Hero were fantastic in the installation of my heat pump a couple of years back. I would definitely recommend if your looking for someone reliable."

I found their knowledge and advise to be very helpful

Mr Till | Oxford ( YouGen Review )
Hero Renewables first contacted at Newbury show in 2016 where I found their knowledge and advise to be very helpful for me in getting more from my existing Solar installation. It was no surprise then that I eventually placed my Order for their upgrade recommendation and installed additional Solar Panels and Solar-edge Inverters, this done very professionally and is still working great. I additionally also had battery storage added in the form of a Tesla Powerall 2 and can now benefit from using this in the evenings to keep my electricity costs low

Strong after-care

Mr Dawson | Ormskirk ( YouGen Review )
Excellent product, good communication and strong after-care.  Would use again, as and when.

The installation went very afficiently and the crew very helpful.

Mr Sharp | Sussex ( YouGen Review )
I already had Solar Panels when I saw an advert from Hero Renewables for Unused Solar Energy stored by a Battery, This is just what i needed so I replied to the advert and found the company to be very helpfull and informative. I received a quotation and decided to go ahead. The installation went very afficiently and the crew very helpful. The new Battery was liked to my existing Solar Panel System. This has proved very benifitial in storing and my uasage of what would have been wasted energy.

We are very happy with the system installed

Mrs Clarke | Tywyn, Wales ( YouGen Review )
We encountered Hero Renewables at the National Homebuilding and Renovating Show at the NEC in Birmingham where they were the only company exhibiting the Tesla storage battery. Their customer service was very good indeed. Tom Mastin spent a considerable amount of time and effort explaining the system and his talk was followed up by a site visit to agree where the various components could be placed to ensure the best and most convenient results from the system. In terms of value for money, we had some idea of the cost of a PV system without the Tesla battery storage having already had a quote some time ago from a local company and found the quote from Hero to be competitive.We are very happy with the system installed and, with some guidance from Hero, have learnt how to use the system to get best results.

personable and knowledgeable

Mrs Springett | Berkshire ( YouGen Review )
The two lads that installed the system were personable and knowledgeable, they certainly put up with all my questions with a smile. While connecting up my battery to my panels they were happy to have a look at a problem I had with the panels (another company had installed them) and solved it, giving me 25% more power! Again, unlike my panel installer they are keen to support the solaredge monitoring website for my installation and handle any alerts raised.

Overall I'am impressed with the system

Mr Ammon | Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire ( Google Review )
I had my solar panels and Tesla battery storage fitted in 2017, initially the inverter was not working , it took a while for a replacement to be installed , when the system started working I Used the App to monitor the output. The system has been working now for two and a half years(April-2020) , no maintenance required , the 5KW system generates 45KWH + per day-from April to September, and performance declines over the winter , most days the system feeds power into the battery which can be used after work, there are only a few days a year ,when the weather is dull and overcast and no power is generated. Overall I am impressed with the system and glad I invested the money in an environmentally friendly way .

customer service was very good

Mr McClennon | Llandinam ( YouGen Review )
I chose the installer as they were Tesla-approved, which I felt made them stand out. Their customer service was very good and so far I've found the PV great value, working exactly as intended.

Excellent service

Mr Springfield | Wraysbury ( Google Review )
Supplied and installed my powerwall. Excellent service. It has been working faultlessly for many months now

HERO fitted a household battery for us in 2017.

Mr Jones | Oswestry ( Google Review )
HERO fitted a household battery for us in 2017. It was probably before its time. It kept dropping out, it was very difficult to program and keep working, gave no backup option, and it had to be installed in an inefficient way. After 3 years it failed altogether, and the manufacturer have replaced it with a much better version that meets our requirements. All's well that ends well.

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