Green, From the Ground Up.

What Is An GSHP?

Hero Renewables are experts in Heat Pump technology, having had years of experience with renewable systems, we are proud of our installations and the way they are helping customers all over the UK heat their homes in the most cost-effective and sustainable way possible. We believe heat pump systems are a great replacement for any fossil fuelled water based heating and hot water system.

We only install MCS accredited products to ensure our customers are able to claim the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) payments in full.

How Does It Work?

A ground source heat pump works by extracting heat collected from the ground using a series of pipes containing water and an antifreeze solution called Glycol.

These pipes absorb the heat stored in the ground, with there being various options for these pipes to be installed. One option is laying trenches around 1.2 Metres down in the ground or they can be laid vertically in a borehole drilled down, typically to 50 Metres and if you don’t have the dry land space the pipes can be laid in water.

The heat collected by these pipes are pumped back to the Ground Source Heat Pump unit and used to boil a refrigerant and turn it into a vapour, with the vapour being compressed up to around 100˚C.

Finally, the vapour is passed through a heat exchanger in the hot water cylinder, which heats up the water to power your central heating and water supply.

GSHP Benefits

Installing an GSHP within your home or business offers a range of benefits  
  • Low Running Costs
  • Great Investment
  • Low Environmental Impact
  • High Reliability
  • Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme
  • Low Maintenance
  • Quieter Than Traditional Methods

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Mr Fletcher | Crewe ( Google Reviews )
I selected Hero for a new house GSHP installation in 2014/15. They have been great in supporting the installation, assisting in obtaining the RHI grant and after sales through the maintenance service. Recommended.

I can highly recommend Hero Renewables.

Mr Grayson | Lincolnshire ( Google Review )
Having undergone a major extension and refurbishment at my property, that included installation of Ground Source Heat Pumps and Underfloor Heating, I can highly recommend Hero Renewables. From the first call through to the final installation, they have been extremely professional in their approach and every team member who has worked on our site has been excellent through out the process. The project management team kept us updated at regular intervals and easily accommodated change of plans and dates without any fuss. The onsite teams made the installation process easy, left the site neat and tidy, kept us informed of progress and discussed requirements with us at all stages to ensure that the system was installed correctly and that we had a say in the positioning of certain components to ensure this kept in line with our plans for each room. Hero Renewables cover a range of Green Energy solutions and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone looking for advice and installation on what best suits their property requirements.

Their customer service is very friendly

Mr Abbott | Cheshire ( Google Review )
“We've had a ground source heating system from Hero Renewables for a few years now. They were outstanding in fitting the system, extremely helpful and attentive in meeting our requirements. In the time since the system was fitted it has been very efficient and reliable, with the few minor problems that we have encounter (plus annual servicing) all dealt with very swiftly. Their customer service is very friendly, and they will help with any queries you have about going green.”

all Hero's staff took care to explain best practice in use

Mr Nelson | Oswaldkirk ( YouGen Review )
Hero were one of the few installers who offered to combine different technologies in the most effective way - in our case ground source heat with solar PV. Also one of the few installers who had a solar PV solution which would meet planning requirements within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The technical sales manager took the time to talk us through the options and helped us understand the technology. Over several visits, and during the install, all Hero's staff took care to explain best practice in use. We had some initial teething troubles associated with getting the control interfaces co-ordinated and calibrated, but now that has settled down, its performing better than expected.

The system does it says on the tin.

Mr Millican | Cairngorms National Park ( YouGen Review )
I found Hero when I was looking for a system that heated 5 cottages - I was given a few names of installers and didn’t want to heat home using biomass boiler due to effort involved. I can't complain about their customer service. I had to call them out as I thought I was facing an issue with the valves – gentleman came from Crewe at 4am to my home in the Scottish Borders – sorted it out instantly. Also it’s connected to broadband so Hero can monitor how it’s going. The system does it says on the tin. Tenants aren’t complaining which has to be a good sign.

their reputation made them stand out as a reputable installer.

Mr Simkins | Aberdeenshire ( YouGen Review )
I chose Hero as I had researched them online and their reputation made them stand out as a reputable installer. They explained my options to me well through literature and e-mail communications and a visit. So far it's been good value for money and the heat pump is working as we expected.

I would go with Hero again in future for any further work. 

Mr White | Stranraer ( YouGen Review )
I chose Hero because of their good price and a good work history. Offered very good customer service, explaining my options to me fairly well with lots of documentation. The system is living up to expectations so far and I would go with Hero again in future for any further work.

Hero were the most professional of those quoting.

Mr Riley | Worcester ( YouGen Review )
Hero were the most professional of those quoting. They explained my options well by giving me calculations and discussing them with me. The GSHP has been excellent value for money and is certainly living up to expectations so far.

Excellent service

Mr Brampton | Nantwich ( YouGen Review )
I chose Hero because of their price and professionalism of the quote, also they quoted for the entire installation.  Excellent service, Martyn Perks is clearly a GSHP expert and explained all my options to me face-to-face. Value for money was very good compared to the other potential installers. The heat pump keeps our house and hot water perfectly warm, is internet enabled, reliable and running costs are in line with predictions.

Excellent value for money

Mr Grundey | Shropshire ( YouGen Review )
Amazing customer service - Hero went through the process in a clear way that was easy to understand with all different options explained. Excellent value for money - the house is so warm and it is cheap to run too!

I chose Hero because of their website and various accreditations

Mr Boyd | Leicestershire ( YouGen Review )
I chose Hero because of their website and various accreditations. Hero went through the options and the costings etc., explaining my different options to me. So far the heat pump is living up to my expectations and no problems yet.

Their customer service was incredibly good.

Mr Dygnas | Wrexham ( YouGen Review )
Hero stood out for me as an installer because of ease of communication. their convenient location and the fact they were both efficient and professional. Their customer service was incredibly good. Martin Murphy, Tom Mastin and Martyn Perks particularly stood out. They demonstrated my options both on paper and spent several hours on site showing us. So far our GSHP been very competitive in terms of value for money and has more than lived up to expectations - we didn’t have to replace any radiators and the heated towel rail in the upstairs bathroom is still hot.

I was very impressed with the knowledge and honesty of their staff prior to installation.

Anonymous Reviewer | Cheshire ( YouGen Review )
I selected Hero through the approved installer scheme, selected one of the more local options. Hero could do both the Heat Pump and the solar and offered a comprehensive solution. I was very impressed with the knowledge and honesty of their staff prior to installation. Customer service around the time of installation was good.  They found a number of issues with the existing plumbing and rectified those as part of the installation.We discussed the different options available for heat pumps and the different ground loop options and considerations. Very reasonable in terms of value for money, especially as we wanted the work to be high quality and so didn't necessarily go with the lowest price. We've been able to 'set and forget', as the house maintains warmth through the year and works particularly well with the underfloor heating (installed separately later by another firm).

I found Hero Renewables were as good as any in this market.

Anonymous Reviewer | Lincolnshire ( YouGen Review )
Ops Director Martyn Perks came out to see me in my home a few days before Christmas and explained in detail why his Company believed MasterTherm was the market leader in this technology. The main man on site, who managed the installation and carried out most of the plumbing was exceptionally good. He is a Scotsman but I know him only as Jimmy.He explained how to get the best out of my heat pump quite well. However, it took me a while to figure out the logic of wall controller, the wall thermostat and the Smartphone App and how they interact. So far the system is living up to expectations - our house remains at 21 deg Celsius as promised and the running cost is as expected. I found Hero Renewables were as good as any in this market.

I am very pleased with the result.

Freddy | Lancashire ( YouGen Review )
Simply put: nothing was too much trouble for Hero Renewables.  I had particular and complicated needs for the GSHP system I wanted in terms of its performance and how it would heat the various parts of the system.  Hero worked with me to make sure they fully understood my requirements, then they worked with the heat pump manufacturer to programme the software specifically to meet these needs.  The site installation programme was agreed in advance and they stuck to it, minimising the inconvenience.  The ground-works crew were extremely obliging, working around existing features and even moving things on request. The plumbing and electrician's work was fast and efficient with the end result being discrete, despite the necessary customisation required to meet my needs.  The technology itself has limitations, but these were explained to me in detail before they even quoted and the system performs exactly as I was led to believe - I am very pleased with the result.

The engineer from Hero Renewables knew his stuff.

Mrs Williams | Nantwich, Cheshire ( Google Review )
Our ground source system keeps running smoothly after over 5 years. The engineer from Hero Renewables knew his stuff.

I have no hesitation in recommending this company.

Mr Piercy | Nelson ( Google Review )
I bought a Ground Source Heat Pump system from Hero in 2014. The service was excellent and the advice was outstanding throughout the whole process. Nothing was too much trouble for the various teams throughout the project, they were always keen to go above and beyond the requirements, taking extra time to explain the intricacies of my non-standard installation. I did have a control board failure in 2018, but other than that, the system continues to perform flawlessly - I do not have a service contract, but Hero came out, diagnosed the issue and replaced the part in a timely fashion. I have no hesitation in recommending this company.

Run faultlessly for the last two & a half years

Mr Robinson | Stoke on Trent ( Google Review )
Really pleased with our groundsource heatpump install. Had an initial issue with the pump unit that was rectified by Hero quickly, and its run faultlessly for the last two & a half years... Who needs gas ??

Will definitely work with them again.

Mr FitzPatrick | Oxford ( Google Reviews )
Work closely with the team on a ground source heat pump project with Hero this year. It was great working with their engineers. Great team who worked well together and kept us up to date with progress and the system. Will definitely work with them again.

I can confidently recommend you will get a first class system

Mrs Downton | Oxford ( Google Reviews )
"I have had two solar installations and a ground source heating system installed by Hero. I'm delighted with the outcomes on all three installations. In particular I have had total confidence in their engineers who have all been stars. Totally professional - really good at explaining thinks, courteous and friendly. If you are thinking of (and I highly recommend you do; its great to feel you are contributing to a greener environment!) installing either solar or ground source, I can confidently recommend you will get a first class system." "Their customer communication could be upgraded a bit, though they have improved over the two years I have dealt with them. I'd suggest at the outset of any project, you ask for a point person and a project plan. But do use them, their engineering work and understanding of the systems are first rate."

I have no hesitation in recommending HERO renewables.

Mr White | Nantwich, Cheshire ( Google Reviews )
A very professional company committed to customer support, I have no hesitation in recommending HERO renewables. I've had my Ground Source Heat Pump for three years now and always had excellent support when needed. Switching to renewable energy was an easy decision, whereas finding a reliable company to install my system was more difficult. I am pleased I found Hero Renewables.

GSHP Benefits

  • Low Running Costs

    Ground Source Heat Pumps boast the lowest running costs of any heating system available on the market. With the correct amount of insulation, whilst paired with underfloor heating or oversized radiators, a ground source heat pump will provide you with affordable, sustainable comfort, all year around.

  • Great Investment

    A correctly installed heat pump should run at a Coefficient of Performance (COP) of 4:1 on average throughout the year. This means that for every 1kWh of electricity needed to run the compressor 4kWh of heat will be generated by the heat pump.

    Not only will a Ground Source Heat Pump save you money on your monthly utility bills and help the environment, you will be able to claim on the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) with payments that last 7 years in a domestic dwelling, meaning you could earn up to £4,000 back a year.

    The Renewable Heat Incentive has now been extended until March 2021, so it’s never been a better time to install a renewable energy system in your home or business.

  • Low Environmental Impact

    The only emissions created by a Ground Source Heat Pump are the electric ones required to power the compressor, allowing you to reduce your carbon massively in comparison to burning natural gas or oil. With the devastating effects of climate change becoming more and more recognisable, we urge people to take action and protect the environment.

  • High Reliability

    We all depend on our heating. Have you ever been without heating or hot water on a cold winter night due to your boiler breaking down?

    A Ground Source Heat Pump is best known as a “Fit and Forget” technology, once they are installed, they require minimal to no maintenance. Our systems are designed to have a minimum life-span of 20 years, requiring no fuel deliveries so you can never run out, giving you peace of mind with the knowledge your home will always be warm and comfortable.

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