Manufactured in Austria, Hero Renewables offer a range of Biomass Boilers coming in three different units, the Olymp Pelletstar, Olymp Firematic and Olymp Firestar.

Our expert engineers team can specify the most suitable storage facilities that work around your lifestyle, ensuring that your home or business would never run out of fuel.

The Firestar is a log wood biomass boiler suitable for both commercial and domestic properties, which features Hero’s newly designed and rigorously tested T-control panel. The interactive T-Control panel is handily available to monitor on smartphone, tablet and PC. The efficient Lambda probe helps save on the consumption of fuel by the boiler. Combined with the Lambda probe technology, the boiler routinely manages combustion temperatures and emission levels to ensure the boiler only uses the amount of fuel needed and it combusts efficiently.

Olymp Firestar 18-40kW

 Power range: 7.6 – 18.0 kW

Filling shaft capacity: 110 Litres

Boiler weight: 519 kg

Efficiency: >93%

Maximum permissible flow temperature: 90°C

Water Capacity: 77 litres

The Firematic range from 15 to 40kW, the Biomass Boiler is suitable for wood chips and wood pellets. The quiet operation of this boiler is based on high quality system components. Featuring, the Hero T-Control with touch display and automatic cleaning of the combustion grate plus automatic de-ashing.

The high quality, economical and efficient boiler offers one of the lowest emission values and the highest levels of reliability.

The Firematic also includes an energy saving combustion. With the built-in Lambda probe, which is constantly monitors the flue gas values, the boiler responds to variations in fuel quality ensuring ideal combustion efficiency and the lowest emissions. The Lambda probe controls the primary and secondary air input, always achieving the cleanest combustion, even in partial load operation.

Olymp Firematic 15-40kW Key Features

T-Control With Touch Display

Automatic Cleaning Of The Combustion Grate

Automatic De-ashing

Energy Saving Combustion

Automatic Heat Exchanger Cleaning

Split 2-Zone Combustion Chamber

The Pelletstar is a wood pellet biomass boiler suitable for both commercial and domestic properties, which is very similar to the Firestar Boiler. As both products feature Hero’s newly designed and rigorously tested T-control panel, which is available to monitor on smartphone, tablet and PC.

The Pelletstar Boiler has a Maximum permissible operating temperature of 95°C, which is 5°C higher than the Firestar boiler and the wood pellet Boiler is 303Kg lighter in comparison to the log wood Boiler but both system still offer you the efficiency of over 93%

Olymp Pelletstar 10-60kW

Output range: 4.8 – 16 kW

Boiler weight: 216 kg

Efficiency: >93%

Permissible operating temperature: 3.0 Bar

Maximum permissible operating temperature: 95°C

Biomass Boiler Benefits

Installing a Biomass Boiler can have a range of benefits
  • Minimal Environmental Impact
  • Cost Efficient
  • High Reliability
  • 5-Year Warranty
  • Fit For Purpose

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Biomass Boiler Benefits

  • T-Control

    All of our Hero Biomass Boilers are operated by the user-friendly T-Control Interface.

    The user friendly, VGA colour touch-screen controller, everything from the burning-process, heating circuits, hot water tank, buffer tank and Solar Thermal system can be controlled.

    Remote access to the controller can be granted using Remote Viewing. Remote visualisation and maintenance can be obtained through your smartphone, PC or tablet. The handling is the same as in the touch controller, processes and parameters can be read and modified any time from anywhere, and also in the unlikely event of any problems, we may be able to fix them remotely.

  • 5-Year Warranty

    We design all of our heating systems to last for a minimum of 20 years, and also offer service contracts to all of our customers. The product warranty affiliated to our Hero Biomass Boilers are 5 years, or 15,000 run hours on the boiler body, and 2 years or 6,000 run hours for electrical and combustion elements.

  • Fit For Purpose

    At Hero Renewables we like to ensure that everything in your project is entirely fit for purpose. This is why we offer bespoke designs when it comes to storing fuel for your Biomass Boiler. Based on the size of your heat pump we will come up with the most economical and efficient storage solution whilst taking spacing into consideration.

    It is possible to store pellets or chip in custom built containers which can be auger or vacuum fed, depending on your requirements our engineers will offer the best solution to match your heating system.

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