At Hero Renewables we pride ourselves at being on the forefront of renewable technologies and invest a lot of time and commitment into the research and development of our systems.

We like to offer our customers only the most tried and tested products that we believe will stand the test of time, value and efficiency.

What Is Battery Storage?

A battery storage unit helps you make the most of your electricity generated by solar with any excess being stored for future use.

Innovation in battery technology has come a long way in providing efficient storage solutions for domestic and commercial properties as battery storage is the future for homes and small businesses who want to harvest the sun’s energy and deliver clean, reliable electricity when the sun isn’t shining. If you combine battery storage, solar and an electric vehicle, you can create a zero-emission lifestyle. Most homes use a fraction of the solar energy they collect and instead of sending excess solar energy into the grid, a battery will store it for use any time.

The market has become flooded with different kinds of battery solutions, so how do you know which one is best for you? Let us tell you.

How Does The System Work?

During the day, the sun shines on your solar panels, charging your battery. At night, your home draws electricity from your battery, powering your home with clean, sustainable energy around the clock.

At Hero Renewables, we ensure installing a battery storage is straight-forward and stress-free, whether it’s at the same time as your solar panels or as an add-on. We take care of everything from carrying out surveys, system design & quotation to installation and maintenance.

What Are The Advantages Of Battery Storage?

  • Installing battery storage allows you to consume all the excess power yourself, when you want it, this maybe in the evening or offset large traffic light costs.
  • Use your stored power to run numerous devices around your household, including your smart device and car or to heat your pool.
  • Take your home entirely off-grid with minimal fossil fuels.
  • The Solar Photovoltaic system will convert the sun’s energy to electricity.
  • The battery storage system allows greater control of your power.
  • Store excess electricity rather than returning it to the grid, increasing your homes self-consumption, making your household less reliant on the grid.

Battery Storage Benefits

Installing a Battery Storage system has a range of benefits for your home
  • Grid Charging and Backup
  • Online Monitoring
  • Carbon Savings and Neutrality
  • Retrofittable and Flexible

Find Out More

Sonnen 10 Batterie

The new Sonnen battery offers a modular design, allowing for it to be expanded from 11kWh to 22kWh, with the possibility for expansions of up to 198kWh for small businesses or homes with larger electricity needs.


I found their knowledge and advise to be very helpful

Mr Till | Oxford ( YouGen Review )
Hero Renewables first contacted at Newbury show in 2016 where I found their knowledge and advise to be very helpful for me in getting more from my existing Solar installation. It was no surprise then that I eventually placed my Order for their upgrade recommendation and installed additional Solar Panels and Solar-edge Inverters, this done very professionally and is still working great. I additionally also had battery storage added in the form of a Tesla Powerall 2 and can now benefit from using this in the evenings to keep my electricity costs low

Strong after-care

Mr Dawson | Ormskirk ( YouGen Review )
Excellent product, good communication and strong after-care.  Would use again, as and when.

The installation went very afficiently and the crew very helpful.

Mr Sharp | Sussex ( YouGen Review )
I already had Solar Panels when I saw an advert from Hero Renewables for Unused Solar Energy stored by a Battery, This is just what i needed so I replied to the advert and found the company to be very helpfull and informative. I received a quotation and decided to go ahead. The installation went very afficiently and the crew very helpful. The new Battery was liked to my existing Solar Panel System. This has proved very benifitial in storing and my uasage of what would have been wasted energy.

We are very happy with the system installed

Mrs Clarke | Tywyn, Wales ( YouGen Review )
We encountered Hero Renewables at the National Homebuilding and Renovating Show at the NEC in Birmingham where they were the only company exhibiting the Tesla storage battery. Their customer service was very good indeed. Tom Mastin spent a considerable amount of time and effort explaining the system and his talk was followed up by a site visit to agree where the various components could be placed to ensure the best and most convenient results from the system. In terms of value for money, we had some idea of the cost of a PV system without the Tesla battery storage having already had a quote some time ago from a local company and found the quote from Hero to be competitive.We are very happy with the system installed and, with some guidance from Hero, have learnt how to use the system to get best results.

personable and knowledgeable

Mrs Springett | Berkshire ( YouGen Review )
The two lads that installed the system were personable and knowledgeable, they certainly put up with all my questions with a smile. While connecting up my battery to my panels they were happy to have a look at a problem I had with the panels (another company had installed them) and solved it, giving me 25% more power! Again, unlike my panel installer they are keen to support the solaredge monitoring website for my installation and handle any alerts raised.

Overall I'am impressed with the system

Mr Ammon | Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire ( Google Review )
I had my solar panels and Tesla battery storage fitted in 2017, initially the inverter was not working , it took a while for a replacement to be installed , when the system started working I Used the App to monitor the output. The system has been working now for two and a half years(April-2020) , no maintenance required , the 5KW system generates 45KWH + per day-from April to September, and performance declines over the winter , most days the system feeds power into the battery which can be used after work, there are only a few days a year ,when the weather is dull and overcast and no power is generated. Overall I am impressed with the system and glad I invested the money in an environmentally friendly way .

customer service was very good

Mr McClennon | Llandinam ( YouGen Review )
I chose the installer as they were Tesla-approved, which I felt made them stand out. Their customer service was very good and so far I've found the PV great value, working exactly as intended.

Excellent service

Mr Springfield | Wraysbury ( Google Review )
Supplied and installed my powerwall. Excellent service. It has been working faultlessly for many months now

HERO fitted a household battery for us in 2017.

Mr Jones | Oswestry ( Google Review )
HERO fitted a household battery for us in 2017. It was probably before its time. It kept dropping out, it was very difficult to program and keep working, gave no backup option, and it had to be installed in an inefficient way. After 3 years it failed altogether, and the manufacturer have replaced it with a much better version that meets our requirements. All's well that ends well.

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