Hero Renewables are at the forefront of renewable technology and there has never been a better time for your businesses to invest into the green energy. With the introduction of the government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) to encourage the commercial sector to generate heat from a renewable source, everyday more companies are signing up to the scheme and are now benefitting from lower energy bills, reduced carbon output with a financial reward.

The renewable heat incentive is an uprising government scheme designed to encourage the commercial sector to reduce their dependence on fossil fuels for heating to help the UK meet targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Offering a financial incentive for businesses that install a renewable energy system, receiving up to 20 years payback.

Harvest the Suns energy

Having solar panel installation will enable your business to take control over your energy bills and achieve considerable savings on daytime costs. Hero Renewables will ensure your business has access to the best available equipment, panels and mounting systems in the world, whilst providing long term energy security with high reliability. With our dedicated team of in-house designers, we will work closely with your business to develop the most suitable and highest performing solar solution.

Commercial Renewable Heating: A prodigious choice for your business

Whether your business has a substantial heat demand due to a manufacturing process or due to the services you provide in the hospitality sector, a commercial renewable heating system will help maximise efficiencies.

Whatever your requirement, Hero Renewables can provide a commercial renewable heating system to help save you money and even calculate the payback you’d receive through the Renewable Heat Incentive.

We can integrate new plant equipment with existing heating systems or supply complete new bespoke systems, designed for your businesses specific needs. Because our highly experienced engineers are qualified in commercial air and ground source heat pumps, biomass and, as well as commercial gas, we can deliver the most appropriate system for you.

The cost savings can be increased even further for rural businesses that have access to a source of wood chip from managed woodland. Even if you are not a self-supplier, it is possible to source competitively priced wood chip nationally making it an ideal fuel for everything from heating animal sheds and grain drying, for providing district heating to a number of properties or for rural hotels and golf clubs.

Commercial Benefits

Installing a Renewable energy system into your commercial premises can offer a wide range of benefits
  • Eligible For Renewable Heat Incentive
  • Great Investment
  • Low Environmental Impact
  • High Reliability System
  • Save Money, Whilst Saving The Planet
  • Healthy Return Of Investment
  • Reduce Your Company’s Carbon Footprint
  • Gain Energy Independence

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