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Nearly two thirds of UK homes have failed to meet long-term energy efficiency targets, as more than 12 million homes fall below the C grade on Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs), according to data analysed by the BBC. *

In June 2019, it was signed into law that Great Britain has to meet the net zero carbon emissions by 2050. Dr Tim Forman, a research academic at the University of Cambridge’s Centre for Sustainable Development, stated only a national project of a scale not seen since the second World War would enable the UK to reach the targets set out.

The purpose of an EPC is to provide information on a property’s energy use and typical energy costs, and to make recommendations on how they could reduce their energy usage and increase efficiency. It is the responsibility of a property seller or landlord to arrange an EPC to be conducted and then shared to prospective buyers or tenants.

Homes are given a grade between A and G. The closer to A, the more efficient the home, meaning it should have a smaller carbon footprint. However a home on the other end of the scale would have a higher carbon footprint and higher running costs.

In 2018, the UK generated over 65 million tonnes of CO2 from homes, which was more emissions produced than power stations, according to annual greenhouse gas emissions data.

Jenny Hill, team leader for buildings and International action Committee on Climate Change, said, “We need to implement a huge efficiency drive and switch away from a dependence on fossil fuels. There are 29 million homes, all of those need to retrofit energy efficiency measures and better forms of heating, and as we are looking to achieve this by 2050, that implies upgrading a million homes a year, but the current rate is 10 times less than that.

At Hero Renewable we understand that your homes energy efficiency is important to you, we can help you to make your home more efficient with alternative renewable methods to heat your home.

Is your home one of the 12 million below EPC standards?

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