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The best-looking solar panels on the market. Don’t just take our word for it. Gone are the days of mounting Solar PV on top of the roof. With Viridian, your Solar Panels are roof integrated, flush next to the roof tiles producing a smart and aesthetic appearance. At Hero Renewables we love the look and aesthetic of the Clear Fusion in-roof system.


On average your solar panels should last thirty years or more. There is a high probability that some if not all of your roof will need maintenance or replacement. If you were to have an on-roof system any broken or tiles requiring replacement would result in the following – Your Solar being decommissioned, Removed, the tile or section being replaced then the cost of repeating the process in reverse. Whereas with in roof Solar PV there is no tiles behind the panel, so your solar can stay in place if any repairs or maintenance is required.


Current building legislation requires that all roof tiles are fixed in place with nails or clips. So, when you attach an on-roof system, tiles will need to be removed and a bond will have to be applied between the replaced tile or surrounding ones. Whereas Integrated Roof Solar can be easily fitted to a new roof. Hero Renewables can fix the panels and flashings enabling your roofing contractors to finish the job of covering the roof around them.

Birds and animals  

So you’ve finally had your on roof solar panels fitted, they look great. But what’s that? The pigeon’s and other suburban wildlife have realised that there is a lovely sheltered area behind for them to nest. As much as we all love wildlife and enabling habitats for nature, underneath your solar panels is not the best place. The drawbacks include noise and damage to the panels, walls and paths. Not to mention the potential fire hazards. You can however buy aftermarket bird-proof panels for the outside of your panels but that further reduces the appeal.


One of the reasons given for opting for above-roof solar is that it will operate at a lower temperature and avoid the chance of overheating and losing energy compared to in roof which does not have air flow underneath the panels. Viridian Solar has undertaken extensive research alongside Cambridge university and examined the effect between above-roof and in-roof and the energy reduction is minimal, with only a 3% difference recorded.


  • Universal, works with slate and tile.
  • Simple, No need for roof modifications.
  • Sleek, invisible clamps for uncluttered aesthetic.
  • Safe, Certified wind resistance for Clear line Fusion is more than four times higher than competitor products.
  • Economical, a price comparable with above-roof installation.

We will continue to offer you the choice of in-roof and on-roof as both systems still allow you to generate your future, creating the energy independence you crave. One thing you can be sure of, our award-winning design, supply and installation will ensure your home has the best product for it. Every home is unique, so why accept anything less.

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