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It has now been over a month since the COP26 event in Scotland, several fundamental changes are expected to happen as a result of the climate talks in Glasgow. The event allowed global leaders met to agree on targets to deal with the climate change crisis.

The most significant piece of COP26 news is that from now, according to new rules laid out by the Treasury, large financial organisations and UK businesses above a certain size will have to develop a plan for how they intend to meet climate targets.

UK Plans For Net-Zero

The UK has a target to be net-zero carbon by 2050. The principle of net-zero means to remove as much carbon from the atmosphere as is put into it. An individual appliance can be carbon-neutral, but this kind of commitment widens the scope to include businesses and even entire countries.

Carbon is removed from the atmosphere in various ways. The primary method is through trees, which absorb carbon dioxide and use it for their life processes, then produce oxygen. The funding of reforestation and tree-planting projects is one of the main ways entities can claim to be carbon neutral.

Other more advanced technologies capture carbon by spraying minerals through the air, which react with the carbon and turn it into a solid rather than a gas. Managing soil correctly on large farmland areas is another way to capture carbon, as the carbon would naturally be taken into the ground by plants, but agriculture disrupts this process.

Tackling Deforestation and Farming

  • More than 130 world leaders, representing over 90% of the world’s forests, have agreed to stop and reverse deforestation by 2030. The pledge is backed by almost £14bn of private and public funds.
  • 45 nations signed up to a new Policy Action Agendadesigned to help policymakers make changes to deliver a food system that is low-carbon and deforestation-free.
  • The nations also signed up to the Global Action Agenda, with 150 organisations, which will aim to leverage $4bn of public investment in innovations such as climate-resilient crops, digital technologies and solutions that improve soil quality.

On A Global Scale

Around the world, 450 companies, which together own 40% of the world’s financial assets, have agreed to the rules, including a commitment to reducing the global temperature to 1.5 degrees above pre-industrial levels as a way of tackling global warming.

It is also important to note that two of the world’s biggest countries, Russia and China, failed to engage with the COP26 talks. China is the largest emitter of greenhouse gasses, and Russia is a close runner-up due to its vast oil and gas industry that supplies much of western Europe.

In other COP26 news, a group of countries, including the UK, have agreed to assist South Africa’s decarbonisation programme. This is an exciting development as usually these agreements are made through the UN, whereas this decision has been made independently. There is hope that this may signal a new trend in how to help countries around the world.

Where Do We Go from Here?  

The results of the COP26 have left the world feeling very optimistic about reaching green goals. In a time marked by uncertainty and rising climate impacts, COP26 has confirmed just how essential collective global action is to address the climate crisis. While we are not yet on track, the progress made over the last year and at the climate summit offered bright spots and a strong foundation to build upon.

In the year ahead, major emitters need to raise their 2030 emissions reduction targets to align with 1.5ºC, more vigorous approaches are needed to hold all actors accountable for the many commitments made in Glasgow, and much more attention is required on how to meet the urgent needs of climate-vulnerable countries to help them deal with climate impacts and transition to net-zero economies.

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