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It has now been announced that Shell Energy, now known as a household gas and electricity supplier, is moving 700,000 first utility customers to its Shell Energy Brand, for the first time.

Shell has many residential energy customers, all of them now will be supplied with 100% renewable electricity, this comes along with a 3% discount to which can be used at Shell petrol stations as well as discounts on home technology, such as smart thermostats and electric vehicle chargers, so it is a win, win for customers.

The chief executive of Shell, Colin Crooks, said the company would use fossil forecourts to promote the new offer. The company surprised and shocked the business world when it jumped for First Utility in 2017, it makes a tentative step on the path towards a more sustainable future for Shell, which derives the vast majority of its $400bn revenues from oil and gas.

Shells rebranding to Shell Energy kicks off the world’s largest listed oil giant that is taking on the UK’s ‘Big Six’ suppliers, which have lost millions of customers in the recent years. Shell are one of the companies that are holding the cheaper deals on the market, at around £970 a year for an average of household usage of gas and electricity, this is only £78 more than the cheapest that is available.

Shell Energy held a survey to see which households wanted renewable electricity, and these results showed that over 60% of households want to power their homes with renewable electricity.

The chief executive Colin Crooks said, “We are building on the disruptive nature of First Utility to give customers something better. We know that renewable electricity is important to them and we are delivering that, while ensuring good value and rewarding loyalty.”

The vice president of new energies, Mark Gainsborough said, “This is a good example of our approach to building a significant electricity business, in line with customer needs.”

The companies aim is to become the largest electricity company by the 2030’s, as it prepares for a fundamental shift in global energy supplies towards lower carbon sources. Shell’s plan is a response to an expected shift in the worlds energy system to much greater use of electricity, up from about 20% today to 50% or more.

Hero Renewables support Shell’s decision to become an Energy company and begin supplying their customers with 100% renewable electricity, with the constant worry of our carbon footprint and the terrors of the world currently, we need bigger companies to move forward and take a stand for what’s right, to be more renewable!


There are many steps you can take to make your home a more renewable environment, changing your energy supplier to a green company whose goals are to save the planet, is just one of those steps that could be the kick start to your green home. With Hero Renewables, we can help and guide you to running your home on renewable technology. You can generate your future, with our award-winning design, supply and instillation of microgeneration technology. Ranging from heat pumps to complete solar setups, Hero Renewables could kit your home out to fully support the environment, while also gaining RHI benefits for yourself! There has never been a better time to start generating your future, enquire today for a free feasibility study to find out how much money you could save on your energy bills, guilt free!

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