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Yesterday Defra UK released a far-reaching environmental bill, helping to deliver the most ambitious environmental programme of any country globally.

For the first time, the improved bill will generate new powers to stop the exports of contaminated plastic waste to developing countries, it will prevent harmful waste from being transported out of sight all whilst also enhancing the UK’s domestic recycling system.

The revolutionary bill will enshrine environmental principles in law, introducing procedures to improve air and water quality, tackling plastic pollution and restoring habitats, enabling plants and wildlife to thrive.

The bill includes a commitment to review the biggest developments in environmental legislation from around the world, every other year, using its findings to influence the UK’s own environmental plans for future generations.

It Work’s alongside a requirement for current and future Ministers, to make an annual statement to Parliament identifying environmental impacts of all new environmental primary legislation, to demonstrate the government’s ambition to be a world leader on these issues.

The Bill will help to build on the UK’s track record, as the first major economy to commit to reach net zero emissions by 2050.

What is the Bill going to improve?

  • The Environment Is At The Heart Of All Government Policy – Conduct a review every two years of significant developments in international legislation, on the environment, ensuring we keep abreast of developments in driving forward with environmental protection legislation.
  • Transform Waste Management– Require producers to take more responsibility for the products and materials they create, including when they become waste, introducing a consistent approach to recycling, tackling waste crime, creating powers to introduce bottle deposit return schemes and having more effective litter enforcement.
  • Improve Air Quality – Introducing methods to reduce pollution, so young people can live longer healthier lives. While also, committing to set an ambitious, legally binding target to reduce fine particulate matter, which is the pollutant of greatest harm to human health.
  • Restore And Improve Nature – Ensuring that through ‘biodiversity net gain’ new houses are built, and are delivered in a way which protects and enhances nature, helping to deliver thriving natural spaces for local communities.
  • Protect Water Resources – Increasing sustainable water management through securing long-term, resilient water and wastewater services in the face of a changing climate.

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