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Homeowners within the UK could be banned from installing gas boilers within their homes altogether, thanks to new Government plans to help the country become carbon neutral by 2050.

The Government will publish a White Paper later this year, which will set out the “bigger decisions” that the UK has to make to meet the target.

Lord Duncan of Spring bank, the Climate Change Minister, said that “the White Paper will consider whether the Government should ban gas central heating altogether from all homes”.

However, Lord Duncan acknowledges the bigger decisions within the report, which will have a number of effects for all homes and fuel efficiency standards as a whole, stating it would be a big challenge before any announcement.

The new proposals announced follow only a week after a ban on selling new petrol, diesel or hybrid cars in the UK was being brought forward from 2040 to 2035.

The change follows after experts stated, that 2040 would be too late, if the UK wants to achieve its target of producing virtually zero carbon by 2050.

Boris Johnson unveiled the policy as part of the launch event for a United Nations climate summit in November.


Ofgem, the office of Gas and Electric Markets, have advised that the UK will need to change the way homes are heated to meet emission targets.

Chief executive, Jonathan Brearley said, “To meet net-zero, Britain will see changes to the way home and businesses are heated.

More plans such as increasing the use of biofuel in aeroplanes, raising the cost of air travel and cutting back on red meat, are to be put in place for the UK to help reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, with benefits such as cleaner air, healthier diets and more jobs being created.

But what can you do to help the UK meet target emissions? Become energy independent and make your home fossil free.

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