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All homes in the UK should be made cosy with government help, according to a combination of 70 green groups from across the UK. It’s a key demand from the Climate Coalition to shift the UK towards to a zero-carbon economy.

The Government’s Green Homes scheme currently offers grants up to £5,000 to help households. That scheme ends in March 2021 and is vastly over-subscribed, so the coalition wants it extended through to 2030. The Grant gives homeowners in England vouchers to help cover the cost of energy efficiency improvements to their home, such as low-carbon heating systems, insulation or double glazing to replace single glazing.

The groups have stated that 10 million renewable heat pumps should also be installed to keep people warm, reduce bills, improve health and create jobs. Heat pumps are electrical devices that work like a fridge in reverse, sucking warmth out of the air or the ground. Unlike gas boilers they don’t emit gases that overheat the planet, meaning you can save money whilst saving the earth.

The Climate Coalition’s demands have come just before the prime minister prepares his own 10-point plan for zero emissions, which is due to be announce some point in Mid-November.

Mr Johnson is currently under pressure to demonstrate how the UK will cut emissions more deeply, because he is inviting world leaders to an online event, in a month’s time, where they will present their own new climate plans.

What Else Is On The Climate Coalition’s List? 

 One of our recent published blogs, spoke about how the PM’s is expected to bring forward its ban on new fossil fuel vehicles from 2040 to 2030 or 2030, however the coalition have stated that bring the ban to 2030 is better.

In addition to this, the Prime Minister is in the process of reforming agricultural grants to reward farmers for protecting the environment; the groups say he should include agro-forestry, which is where crops are interspersed with trees.

The coalition have urged the government to pass new laws forcing all UK-regulated financial institutions to implement strategies that fit international climate goals. It says the sector’s impact on the environment through lending to fossil fuel projects is greater than the territorial carbon footprint of the UK.

One final point that the groups have put forward is that the UK should lead a global push to restore natural land because this would help wildlife as well as reducing greenhouse gases.

The government said it was committed to the UK reaching the net zero target and would announce new measures shortly. A government spokesperson said: “We are taking every opportunity to build on the UK’s fantastic track record for tackling climate change.

In December, the UK will co-host the Climate Ambition Summit for world leaders to bring forward plans to cut carbon emissions and set net zero targets in the run up to COP26 next year.

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