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According to a report from the National Grid, the UK’s electricity network operator, Carbon emissions from the UK’s electricity system could turn negative by as early as 2033 if the UK uses carbon capture technology alongside more renewable energy technologies to reach its climate targets.

Last week, the electricity network operator revealed their “vision” for an “emissions negative” grid that would include 30 million electric vehicles on the roads of the UK and 8 million heat pumps that would be installed in homes to replace gas boilers and make them a thing of the past to innovate the UK to more sustainable systems.

In National Grid’s most progressive vision for Britain’s pathway towards its 2050 climate targets, it claims that net carbon emissions from the electricity sector could turn negative within 13 years by using carbon capture technology alongside bioenergy sources.

The National Grid is expecting an upscale in renewable energy projects across Britain, including at least 1.4GW of solar generation every year from now until 2050, alongside a mass number of electric vehicles and charge points.

Additionally, the company is expecting an uprising in the amount of usage by consumers, including significantly improved energy efficiency within homes and the end of gas boilers. Instead, millions of homes will consume less than a third of the energy used today through the use of heat pumps technology.

Even though last year was the cleanest year on record for the UK, for the first time, the report warned that the UK will not meet its legally binding goal to reduce its carbon emissions to net zero by 2050 without more “immediate action” from the government on key energy policies and strategies.

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