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Australia continues to be gripped by wildfires, at least 25 people have died, and millions of animals have died since September.

Australia is fighting an unprecedented bushfire season, fuelled by record temperatures and widespread drought.

The damage bill is estimated to have reached A$700 Million according to the Insurance Council of Australia, however that figure is expected to rise significantly.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has said A$2 Billion would be committed to recovery over the next 2 years. Additionally, he announced the creation of a recovery agency to help those who have lost homes and businesses in the fires.

Donations and messages of support have come from far and wide. Millions of Dollars have been raised from fundraising efforts, individuals and celebrity. Australian actor Chris Hemsworth has said he donated $1m alongside Sir Elton John announcing on Tuesday he would donate $1m for the recovery effort.

Current Issues

Rain has fallen in New South Wales and Victoria and temperatures have dropped; however, officials have warned that blazes will take off again.

They fear large blazes in both states could merge, creating unpredictable fire fronts.

In Western Australia, the season’s first tropical cyclone has brought strong winds since Monday night with heavy rain crucial in helping to fight the bush fires. 

Is Climate Change causing the fires?

This year a natural weather phenomenon known as the Indian Ocean Dipole, has meant a hot, dry spell across the country. But the overwhelming scientific consensus is that rising levels of CO2 are warming the planet. Australia has been getting hotter over recent decades and is expected to continue doing so. 

Australia twice set a new temperature record in 2018, an average maximum of 41.9°C was recorded on 18thDecember, coming on top of a long period of drought. 

Scientist have long warned that this hotter and drier climate will contribute to more fires becoming more intense and frequent.

The more extreme weather patterns and higher temperatures increase the risk of bushfires and allow them to spread faster and wider.

At Hero Renewables, we would like to express our sincere sympathies and thoughts with those affected by these wildfires, we must do more to combat climate change globally.

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