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Welcome to Hero Renewables, as part of National Apprenticeship week 2020, I’ve been given the opportunity to take control of social media for a few day’s and share with you my journey and how I’ve found my apprenticeship so far.

My Names, Liam Clarke and I’ve been with Hero Renewables since September 2019, prior to this I worked as a bar manager in a busy nightclub. I am currently working towards a Level 2 in Digital Marketing in the Digital Marketing team at Hero Renewables.

Prior to starting my apprenticeship, I had very little experience of renewable energy and could only explain how solar panels and wind turbines worked. It is safe to say, my knowledge has expanded significantly since then!

Even the initial apprenticeship advert appealed to me, it offered genuine projects and opportunities to showcase my skills, plus no car washing or excessive tea making duties. This appealed to me, as I’d hear of so many bad experiences of apprentices just making the brews and not actually doing substantial work.

The team at Hero, have given me a good solid foundation first in order for me to succeed. I spent the first few weeks, understanding the products, how they worked and spent time with the project managers and engineers understanding the theory and realities of the Renewable technology we offer.

My day to day activities vary depending on the workload at the time, I assist the marketing co-ordinator and support the team overall answering phones if customer service is overwhelmed. But generally, I assist with marketing activities, which include; creating marketing materials such as leaflets and advertisements, market research, reviewing customer experiences, blog writing, exhibitions/events and generating promotional material for Hero Renewables.

I believe that an apprenticeship was right for me because I am able to develop my skills within a business working environment, meaning that I am earning a wage whilst gaining a qualification. In addition to this, at the end of my apprenticeship I will receive nationally recognised qualification to help me progress in the future and move up in my career.

Coming into the business from the hospitality industry was challenging at times, I was so used to being on my feet rushing around, that the change in scenery and ability to sit down was a change.

If my journey at Hero Renewables has encouraged you to reduce your carbon footprint and become energy independent, then call our expert team on 0808 222 0 111, for your free feasibility study.

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