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Danny was employed by Hero Renewables in the Summer of 2019 and has since completed more than 50 projects.

Danny join the world of engineering as his father was a gas engineer and he wanted to follow in his footsteps. Therefore, Danny decided that an apprenticeship in plumbing & heating would be the best option to start his career.

Before coming to Hero, Danny worked for a domestic plumbing and heating business plus also doing bathroom installations. He had previously worked on homes throughout the whole of the UK, but Danny wanted to transition into the renewable industry and at Hero we believed he would be a great asset to our engineer team as he had nine years of experience in the plumbing and heating industry and was keen to develop his engineering skills.

When Danny joined Hero Renewables last year, his first installation job was in Jedburgh, Scotland for a customer who was having an air source heat pump, solar panels and radiators installed in her 4-bedroom home.

Upon arrival to the property, Danny got set up and installed the air source heat pump to the exterior of the property. The flow and return pipes ran from the eaves to the cylinder. The installation compromised of a 11.2 kW Mitsubishi Ecodan Air Source Heat Pump Outdoor Unit with an FTC 5 controller on a vibration proof base outside the kitchen. The heat pump was connected to a 150-litre unvented hot water cylinder with a single HP coil, which was installed by Danny and another engineer within the loft.

Additionally, Danny also installed a 2.276kW Solar PV system that compromised of 7 JA Solar Mono Percium Black Frame solar panels with a SolarEdge individual optimiser and HD wave inverter.

The project lasted 2 days, but once all the systems were installed, tested and commissioned it meant that Danny’s first of many projects was complete.

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Which Is Your Favourite Renewable Product To Install And Why? 

“My Favourite system to install has to be an air source heat pump. This is because every customer is always happy with the end result and the job can be complete from start to finish within 3 days in some cases.”

What Renewable Energy Product Are You Most Skilled Or Qualified To Install? 

“I’m most qualified to install an air source heat pump and a solar thermal system, as I have installed many of these in the past. However, I am also highly skill in installing a ground source heat pump system.”

Which Was Your Most Memorable Job You Completed? 

“My most memorable job would be Mrs Downton. As this project was my first ever ground source heat pump and I enjoyed how much time and effort myself and Phil put into the installation to ensure the job ran smoothly whilst Christine was away.”

“The installation compromised of a MasterTherm AquaMaster 7-22kW AQ45I with a 200-litre cyclone buffer tank, plus a 95W JA Solar Smart Module Percium 5B8 Mono solar system. Once Phil and I installed both of these systems, it allowed Mrs Downton to have a home running solely on renewable energy.”

On your travels throughout the UK which was the best scenic route you have been on or through?

“It has to be my first job for the company in Scotland, as the views were just incredible and I couldn’t resist not taking any photo’s.”

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