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Have you got a self-build project in the works? Or simply looking to replace your current heating system in your property? The chances are, you’ve probably come across Heat Pumps in your research.

So, what are Heat Pumps? Heat Pumps are an ultra efficient and highly sustainable way for you to heat your home, but which one is the perfect match for you? There are quite a few factors that will determine which heat pump is most suitable for your property, but hopefully by the end of this blog, you will have found the one for you.

Heat pump technology is more advanced now than ever before, with the introduction of inverter driven technology, heat pumps are no longer fixed output, glorified air-con units, they are in fact the most efficient way to heat your home and generate your hot water. At Hero Renewables, we only install products that stand the test of time, whilst performing reliably and consistently all year around to meet you and your properties needs.

All of the heat pumps that we provide are all inverter driven, meaning that we can ensure you are going to have the most optimised and efficient system as possible. All our renewable heating systems come with a 7-year warranty, covering all parts of the unit. We design our systems to last a minimum of 20 years, however they are known to last much longer.

Comparing efficiencies between ground and air source heat pumps can get a little tricky. Ground source heat pumps use the energy stored in the ground from the sun’s rays and rainwater, collected either through pipes laid in trenches at least 1 meter into the ground, or from boreholes up to 100m deep! Air source heat pumps must take heat from the air, unfortunately in the UK we are not blessed with constant air temperatures, meaning air source heat pumps needs to work a lot harder in order to run its refrigeration cycle in colder months. Despite an Air Source Heat Pump being able to extract energy from the air form temperatures as low as -25°C, running costs are marginally increased during winter, unlike a ground source, as temperatures remain around 10°C, 1 meter down in the ground.

The size of your property is something to always something to keep in mind. Heat Pumps work best providing a low flow temperature, the less work the heat pump has to do in order to keep a constant heat, the better. If for example you were looking to heat a smaller, well insulated property, an air source heat pump would comfortably manage to distribute enough heat to keep the required temperature throughout. If you were trying to heat a larger, less insulated property it would be much more cost efficient to install a ground source as your running costs would be significantly lower.

So why not go for the more efficient Ground Source Heat Pump? Due to the ground works required in a ground source heat pump installation, they require an area of land around the building and a higher capital outlay to complete the groundworks. When compared to an Air Source Heat Pump, which only requires very little space outside of a property, therefore it can prove a more attractive for projects limited by a budget, and lacking land area to complete groundworks.

The latest news regarding Heat Pumps is the recent improvements to the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive tariffs, the payments that you’ll receive for generating renewable heat from a Ground Source Heat Pump is 21.29/kWh and for an Air Source Heat Pump 10.92/kWh.

At Hero Renewables, we are a national, award winning company enabling communities and business to aid the UK’s transition to a green economy. Sharing our expert knowledge and renewable systems with you, ensuring your home or business stays warm, cosy and energy efficient with renewable energy.

If you’re looking to find out how much you could receive from the renewable heat incentive when you install a renewable heating system in your home or business, then give our team a call on 0808 222 0 111.

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