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Welcome to the Hero Renewables Guide to Underfloor Heating (UFH), UFH is designed to give you the most comfortable, cosy and warm living experience you can achieve. UFH eliminates draughts, stuffiness and dust movement, as well as saving a lot of space. But what is UFH, how does it work, what savings can you expect and most importantly what are the benefits? By the end of this blog you will find yourself becoming a UFH wizard.

What is Underfloor Heating?

Underfloor Heating is the most cost-effective and comfortable way of heating your home. An UFH system consists of the pipework, manifold, fixing materials, insulation and the controls. Pipes laid beneath the flooring (as the name suggests) are used to heat the room.

What is the benefit of Underfloor Heating?

Radiant Heat

There are lots of advantages to UFH, when compared to traditional radiators. Firstly, a radiator will heat up its immediate surroundings and said heat is subsequently dispersed to cooler areas such as leaky windows, and therefore lost, this process is known as convection. UFH however transfers heat over a much larger surface area, therefore heating objects and people directly. Because of this cooler water can be pumped around the pipes, improving the efficiency of the heating system therefore costing you less to run.

Reclaimed Space


Aside from the more technical benefits, there are many aesthetic appeals to underfloor too. Conventional radiators can often disrupt the decorating process of wall spaces in any property. With UFH, you are able to claim that space back and enjoy every inch of the space room’s space. Whilst radiators used to be considered an ugly necessity, the option for a more aesthetically-pleasing way of heating your home is now readily available.Also, it does not matter what type of flooring you have throughout your home, UFH can be installed almost anywhere.


Generally, comfort is high on the agenda of anyone that is looking to implement a new heating system; new-build or retrofit. Also, in spaces such as kitchens or bathrooms, which are commonly tiled, you won’t be greeted with the sharp, cold feeling on your feet. Furthermore, the stuffiness that traditional radiators can create in your rooms is a thing of the past with underfloor. Convection relies on the movement of air, resulting in the circulation of dust and mites. With UFH, the objects/surfaces are heated, rather than the air around them.


Another advantage, which is perhaps considered less by consumers, is the increased safety of Underfloor Heating. Younger or even elderly members of your household could potentially be greeted with hard, metal edges should they be on the wrong end of a trip or fall – which is completely negated with an underfloor system.


Underfloor Heating and Air/Ground Source Heat Pumps go hand in hand to form an incredibly efficient way of heating any property. Heat pumps work better when they are required to produce lower flow temperatures. As the UFH pipework covers a much larger surface area than traditional radiators, the water flowing through it does not have to be as hot; only 35-40℃ is required compared to the 50-55℃ that is required with radiators. As a result, the running costs for your heat pump will be significantly reduced. This is outlined in the table below.

Heating System Efficiency of System (SCOP*)
Air Source Heat Pump
with Underfloor Heating
Air Source Heat Pump
with Radiators
Ground Source Heat Pump
with Underfloor Heating
Ground Source Heat Pump
with Radiators


What’s a SCOP? 

A realistic indication of energy efficiency over an entire year can be achieved by using Seasonal COP or Seasonal Coefficient of Performance (SCOP) for heat. SCOP is a new methodology that gives a better indication of expected real-life performance, using COP can be considered using the “old” scale. COP indicates Seasonal efficiency gives an indication on how efficient a heat pump operates over an entire cooling or heating season. 

Is my home suitable for Underfloor Heating?

Despite being a more common acquisition with new/self-builders, Underfloor Heating can still be retrofitted into existing properties. Whether it is an Edwardian farm or a two-up two-down townhouse, wherever our heat pumps go, Underfloor Heating usually follows.


Why Choose Hero Renewables?

At Hero Renewables, we can offer you everything from the design, supply, to the installation and support of UFH, so at any point through a project we will be here to help. The earlier that we can be involved in a project the better, we can work alongside architects, building contractors and anybody else who is also helping you.

Underfloor heating is brilliant addition to renewable energy systems and when you chose Hero Renewables, we can guarantee that everything will be installed and managed with the quality and professionalism that you would expect and more.

Next Step?

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The Hero Promise:

Hero Renewables are national, award winning renewable energy installers, specialising in the design, supply, installation and support of cutting-edge renewable technology, why choose us?

  • We never use Sub-Contractors.
  • Tried and Tested products that stand the test of time.
  • MCS certified company and products so you qualify for Government funding.
  • GGF Accredited insurance backed guarantee and deposit protection.
  • Maintenance contracts offering 24/7 call-outs.

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