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You’ve found your perfect plot, now comes the interesting part. Your dream home is the most ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing home possible, but have you discovered the best kept secret?

At Hero we believe that there is no point in having a fantastically ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing self-build and then not even being able to relax in your living area without umpteen layers on and high fuel bills. It could be you’ve decided to install that old fossil fuel driven boiler you thought would do the trick, which is now actually costing too much to run or it’s running too inefficiently.

Heating your home with renewable technology should be critical to future proofing your self-build and providing your families heating and energy needs. For many self-builders a home will be the largest financial investment they make for their family, so why fit fossil fuel technology when the future is already here. It is never too late to consider Renewable Technology for your Self-Build, but we do advise earlier is better, as no one wants to retrofit their dream self-build.

So, when do you need to start looking for quotations and approaching us for advice? The answer is now! Hero has put together the top five stages where we can directly assist you in the Self-Build journey, making the self-build secret, not so secret anymore.


Design Stage / Pre-Planning

What is your new property going to look like? You’re busy collaborating with your architect getting designs ready for planning. Get Hero involved at this stage and our engineers will be available to consult with you and your architect to ensure you have enough room for any equipment that will be within your property.


Self-Build Mortgages

Cashflow! You will already be aware that managing this is one of the most challenging elements of any self-build project. Project managing yourself. Even more so. There’s nothing worse than under-budgeting for something you really want to include so grab a quote from Hero and include the cost in your self-build mortgage. We will guarantee to hold the quoted price for a minimum of 6 months to make budgeting all that easier.


Planning Permission

Your architect will be well versed with this process, especially if you are using a local firm as they will know what the local planners will and won’t allow. However, there are certain intricacies with renewable energy where we are the experts. Before your drawings are submitted to planning, our engineers will take a look to ensure all regulations are met. Has your application been refused due to energy efficiency requirements? We can take care of that too.


Building Regulation Drawings

Permission Granted? Congratulations! If you have been working with Hero up until this point, there isn’t much more we need to do until you are ready for first fix! Now is the time if you haven’t already to secure your price, sign your quotation and we will allocate a project manager to work with you up until the point of installation. We can answer any queries from you or your architect to ensure all elements are tied up before your final drawings are issued. If you haven’t yet spoken to us, don’t worry, here is where we shall get creative any renewable equipment you have decided on will fit within the property and within your planning restrictions.

 Solar PV Installer

The Build

Your final drawings have been issued your plot is ready, your builders (or your army of friends if you are undertaking the construction yourself) are raring to go. At this point you will have your schedule of works and know approximately when your first fix is going to take place. Your project manager will be on hand to provisionally book an installation slot and we’d be delighted to work with your builders to make sure everything runs smoothly. If you haven’t contacted us by this point, where have you been! However, don’t fret, you are not the first and absolutely will not be the last! This is where our name and reputation come into play as we are able to quote, design and collaborate with your build team install the perfect renewable system for your property within a short timescale.

To help you on your journey, Hero Renewables are offering you an exclusive no obligation offer, you will receive –

1x FREE Self-Build guide.

1x FREE 15 minute consultation with one of our renewable team.

1x FREE comprehensive no obligation quote.

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