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The UK have set out ambitious green energy targets to hit by 2050, to ensure that they reach the legally binding global agreements on carbon emissions, the race is on to put in place the innovations that will help the UK achieve its goals. Here are some of the renewable innovations you can install in your home to become more energy efficient and reduce your carbon footprint.

No More Fossil Fuels

The big news in-home energy innovation is that from 2025, it will be against the law to install gas central heating in new build houses and apartments.

The Committee on Climate Change says that this will open up a conversation about the future of the gas grid and the role use renewable energy to heat homes! Expect to see government incentives popping up in the next few years for you to rip out your old boiler and install more eco-friendly heating. But if you’re interested in looking at the current incentives available, click here.

Air Source Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are a highly-efficient innovation as they work by drawing air in from outside, heating it and circulating it around your house. Air Source Heat Pumps can work just as well when retrofitted into your property and can save you up to 75% on your energy bills. What’s not to love?

Heat pumps have only grown in popularity in recent years in the UK, due to their versatile size, lower installation costs and their ability to provide you with 100% of your homes heating and hot water. We only install MCS accredited products to ensure our customers are able to claim the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) payments in full.

Batteries That Get Better With Age

We pride ourselves at being on the forefront of Renewable technologies and invest a lot of time and commitment into the research and development of our systems.

We like to offer our customers only the most tried and tested products that we believe will stand the test of time, value and efficiency.

At Hero, we are offering the New Sonnen 10 Batterie, which offers complement existing solar panels with our storage solution to increase self-consumption and protect yourself against future price increases.

Solar-Powered Energy

The events of 2020 saw many people working from home for large parts of the year, which presented lots of challenges, such as how to save energy on heat and energy during lockdown, but also spurred a lot of innovation.

There is a whole range of benefits that come hand in hand with solar energy, from reduced monthly bills to playing your part in looking after the environment. So, if you have you been thinking of installing solar panels in your home, what’s holding you back?

Are you looking to turn a new leaf and transition to cleaner alternatives for your home or business?

At Hero Renewables, we bring homes and businesses into the 21st century with renewable energy, whether you’re looking to heat your property or generate electricity, our team are able to design, supply, install and support your project.

Call our team on 0808 222 0 111, to find your properties perfect match.

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